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September 2008
Kingston:  Beach
Kingston Ambient Ad -  Beach


Ambient advertisement created by Six Inches, India for Kingston, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Everything gets washed away except memories.

Advertising Agency: Six Inches Communication, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah, Sanjay S
Art Director: Rutul Mistry
Visualizer: Sachin Rane
Copywriter: Richa Agarwal
Photographer: Nilesh Achrekar
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It's a nice idea. But it really doesn't work - because you can't execute it. after the headline has been washed away the idea's away.

And this happens in less than a minute.

JPhilly's picture

I agree completely. The idea shows good creative thought, but advertising must be seen to be effective. This may be seen by 2 or 3 people before it is washed away or destroyed by feet.
If you could create some sort of media that somehow simulates and maybe even can regenerate this process, that may be more effective. Just a thought though.

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Student- Ohio University |


BulbheaD's picture

the result: a significant increase...ha!
if you can't quantify it, it's dubious.

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Freelance |

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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The creative team is so free, that they can sit there whole day re-doing the headline, to ensure the 'significant increase' of sales. Yeah, right!???! During the economy downturn, can they do some real work please.

bknowlden's picture

Creative, yes. I like the idea, but it's completely impractical to effect a handful of people for the cost. Advertising for advertising's sake.

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well, actually it could be practical, as long as long you make that losing sand stick togather, which is a simple task guys

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very literal

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why not do a metro-lite or adshell at a bus stop, fill it with water and do a sort of ship wrecked thing, where theres a whole bunch of memories that have sunk to the bottom like photos etc etc and then have your memory stick still looking good floating around like a fish?

keep your memories alive, with a waterproof thumb drive.

Bundy Agency
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Art Director
alnore's picture

all balls, no brains

and this time, this is SH1t. please.

and oh yea, significant increase? HA!

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freelance |

all balls, no brains

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i didnt know juhu sea was so blue...lived five years in mumbai and trust me mumbai sea water is dirtyy!!

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if idea is week and execution is strong than it can be a SIGNIFICAN idea but if the execution is SIGNIFICAN than how the idea and know what I mean

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Tariq Aziz

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Strong idea, what works for me is using an unusual medium well, and also relevantly.

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i bet it met with with a significant increase via the 3 people and 2 crabs who saw it. lame award-show fodder

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everything get's washed away, except the sand on the advertising board.

smells fishy

the_executioner's picture

Sorry, should have logged in before I posted this...

everything gets washed away, except the sand on the advertising board. The wave wipes out the sandy headline, but not the sand lying on the white poster board thingy.

smells fishy, doesn't it?

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Creative Director
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How strange. Not one person has as yet been jumping up and down yelling, "Done! Done!". What's the matter boys, losing your touch? Or just silenced by something original?

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Actually, I don't think anyone is jumping up and yelling Done Done cos it's quite an illogical, bad idea that works great on a presentation board...

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The kind of thing you do just to put on "Ads of the World" and ding your client another $30,000. Smart.

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