Margaritas in space

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March 2015


Ambient advertisement created by McCann, United States for Jose Cuervo, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: McCann, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: Eric Silver, Tom Murphy, Sean Bryan
Executive Creative Director: Mat Bisher
Creative Directors: Jason Ashlock, Sean Labounty, Scott Cooney
Creative Director: Carlos Wigle
Production Company: Film Orange
Director: Tobias Perse
Producer: Jill Toloza
Executive Producer: Catherine Patterson
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Been done before, but still good.

Pete R.
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I think the first one was done in 2009:

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Who gives a crap, really.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Ok and then what

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I definitely think that this whole idea is overdone, but there is symbolism to it. Being on top of the world with a Jose Cuervo signature drink is almost an ode to the success of the business as a whole. Jose Cuervo is one of the most known adult beverage brands, therefore a display of this magnitude is a reflection of the brand itself. I personally think that there could've been a little more effort in the storyline of this ad. It seemed to fall a little flat at the end. What I was really expecting was something that showed the men at the end enjoying the first margarita from space. Secondly, I think that the target market wasn't captured within this ad. Jose Cuervo is a company that should be selling to the millenial. This consumer was not depicted within this advertisement at all, and there could've been a lot more done with regards to that.

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This ad from Jose Cuervo was very interesting to me because I was not exactly sure what they were trying to do with the message. It was a bit entertaining because they shot a margarita up to space but once the video was over it left me thinking what the goal was of the video. I did not think it was as effective as they could have made it because at the beginning they had a professor have a monologue about space and it was not an accomplishment for one person but for a human race, which kind of seemed like was overshadowed by a much shallower action of launching alcohol into space. They idea could have been executed better because it left me asking questions like how did it taste, or how did it change, or more video from what the margarita saw up there. Just the launch and landing did not really cut it for me.

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And so what?

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I think that this contrived rubbish. So it got frozen in space, who cares but show someone enjoying it in space and then it goes up a couple of notches.

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I'm gonna try say something positive

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And now you can sell it for 10 grand a pop.

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space ad aren't new...Send them to Mars if you want to be innovative !

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