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need any more evidence that this is copied? hell, even i did the exact same thing as an ambient for my TATA safari campaign but after coming across these, scrapped it.

chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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The others examples are better too.

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the idea here is totally different. This one is put around real pot holes. The jeep owner doesnt want to avoid potholes. He loves to drives thru them. Ringing a bell somewhere?

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Not only is it copies, it's also boring

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I like the idea that the creative think that the guy will drive a car along, see these things, didn't try to avoid it, brace for impact..then feel nothing... then become relief and say to himself "ah ha ha, you got me again Ambient Ads!." And then feels good.

If it were me, I'd be really piss off.

At least the Ford Ranger one is fake enough and has a clear identification road-sign to make sure it won't be dangerous.

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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the diference is that this is a real hole.

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Oh my god. They translated "estado" as "been".
Anyone who speaks Spanish or Portuguese will get just how ridiculous and primary that is.

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In my opinion it is not the same idea or execution at all. The Ford makes it look like there is holes and then tell you "if you had a Ford pickup and these had been real holes, you would have felt just as little as you did now" whereas these say "here is a real big pothole in the middle of the road – better get yourself a Jeep cause your car can't handle it"

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Indeed... maybe based on the same idea, but total differenet excecution. Please don't shout 'done' too fast. Ok, I also like the one with the fake road covers... But it's also interesting that this was created with a much smaller budget, almost none and in a short excecution time...

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