Jaguar Musicdrome

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June 2017


In order to launch Jaguar’s first SUV, the Jaguar Musicdrome, the first turntable in the world, was introduced. By tracking the car with a camera the F-Pace controls the music. The faster it drives, the faster the music goes. The higher it drives, the louder it gets. Popularly known as "wheels of death" these type of tacks are reserved for motorbikes and fast racing cars. Only a light weight SUV like the F-Pace and Jaguar's superior performance made this feat possible. The one week event with Jaguar Musicdrome attracted 90,000 spectators while saw 55% increase in catalog online orders as well as 114% increase in website traffic.

Ambient advertisement created by Geometry Global, Japan for Jaguar, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Geometry Global Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Regional Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comar
Executive Creative Director: Masato Mitsudera
Creative Director: Yasuhito Imai
Senior Art Director: Daisuke Suzuki
Art Directors: Tsutomu Nakagawa, Tomohiko Setoyama
Copywriter: Tomoyuki Takahashi
Freelance Scriptwriter: Fede Garcia
CEO/Executive Manager: Ichiro Ota
Account Director: Yoshito Kawamura
Senior Activation Manager: Kazuyuki Motohashi
Senior Creative Producer: Sou Kobayashi / 1-10 Holdings
Creative Division Planner: Souta Tamura
Installation Developer: Teruaki Tsubokura
Event Producer: Hirotaka Fujiwara / Frontier International
Event Director: Soma Yamasaki / Enji Inc
Music Composer: Isao Yamazaki / Pinton
Producer: Toshitaka Saito / Television Corporation of Japan
Production Manager: Dai Soen
Film Director: Hajimex Murakami / Signal
Freelance Director of Photography: Tomohiko Goda
Editor: Sachi Sasaki / Cutters
Colorist: Yosuke Nakashima
Freelance Mixer: Edan Mason
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kleenex's picture

Cool stunt.

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what waste of money

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Cool stunt.

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well, what a coincidence... Just seven days before this ad:

edit: by the way, we cant call it "the first" anymore as you can see...

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