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Beautiful. Great idea perfectly executed.

daniel ieraci
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So good. So jealous. Should have sent... a poet..

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my god...i'm speechless

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Advertising Agency: Publicis Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Andy Soong, Lisa Ng
Art Director: Chong Khong Lum, Hong Xiao Yeen, Ooi Toe Lee
Copywriter: Teh Le Vin, Lisa Ng, Andy Soong
Photographer: Chee Wai (Untold Images)

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William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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Low cost, big idea.

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woooooooow wow

Rami Qaddoumi
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Another good outdoor & design.

AdFest - Finalist
One Show - Finalist + medal
Clio - medal
D&AD - InBook
Cannes - ?

& i hear their local awards show (Kancil) is nothing, damm, political malaysia 4A...

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Gold in Cannes!


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Looks nice indeed... but isn't this one of those ideas that really looks great in a picture, taken from the perfect angle? I seriously doubt if those people in the picture would see the same excellent result as we do here...

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totally agree. in reality i think this wouldn't work so well

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Awesome idea on paper. Sucks in real life.
Come on people, imagine walking past this cut out with 15 shopping bags, two screaming children and a cigarrette in hand?
Is tis creativity for the sake of creativity?

the Pun-isher
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all brand no flakes
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i so agree! ;)

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Creo que la idea es maravillosa y le ejecución aún más. No estoy de acuerdo contigo the Pun-isher, ya que esta ejecución no va para mamás que lo único que quieren es que sus hijos se duerman, más bien va para aquellos que buscan esa calidad en impresión no profesional para fotografía como turistas, fotógrafos amateurs, etc.
También pienso que funciona si estás muy cerca viéndolo, así como si vas acercándote a donde está "roto el papel", sí creo que logre que la gente se aleje para ver "la foto".

Neta está bien ssshingon!

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Absolutely perfect.

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Unfortunately, this will only work if you're standing in the exact, perfect position to get what the heck is going on. So as an idea, it's okay. As real advertising, I don't think it really works. Sorry.

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Wonderfull idea and great realisation. However how come this picture(3) be taken in Malaysia? :s

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www.karizmatic.fr - Coolhunting, web & advertising

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This photo is taken at Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia's Little France.



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cool idea...not cool in reality?
where would the sun be?

Margaret Gay
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