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April 2011


Every improvement on the 2012 Civic was designed to make it more fun. That same motivation translated to the public launch of the car.

Ambient advertisement created by Dare, Canada for Honda, within the category: Automotive.


Driving is fun again.

Advertising Agency: Dare, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Directors: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman
Art Directors: Eric Arnold, Mark Mizgala
Copywriter: Jarrod Banadyga
Illustrator: Desmond Montague
Additional credits: Mike Hasinoff, Wendy Moriarty, Giant Ant Media
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ofband's picture

Nice work :D Honda for life !

Activity Score 83
Graphic Designer |

You can do it !

Reality Check's picture

Essential? Not really. Fun as hell? Definitely.

Reality Check
Activity Score 2487
alexander_bickov's picture

Great work

Activity Score 3217
KOWU's picture


Activity Score 111
Miami Ad School Europe
CrackerJackFlash's picture

no, Cheeriosie!! ;)

Activity Score 19518
Creative Director at CrackerJackFlash |

ronak.shah007's picture

did it really served the purpose 'Questionmark'

Activity Score 29
atb2005's picture

Fun? Sort of. Fun as hell? Absolutely not. Btw, do they show the furry monster commercial in Canada too?

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La vie en CMKY's picture

I definitely love the execution, the idea of the ambient is brilliant.
But the concept is identical to MiniCooper (I remember clearly a Mini coming out from a box like a toy).

La vie en CMKY
Activity Score 20
Art Director at Bucks University
dadada's picture

nice !

Activity Score 1708
Art Director |

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

iwannatalktosamson's picture

Fun stuff!
Nice work

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Jamaica Ad School
bakamono's picture

What does it have to do with driving? At first I thought it was a cereal ad, then I thought the same thing.

Activity Score 992

because therefore it is

Bob.C's picture

La vie en CMKY - see what you mean about the Mini, similar fun concept,_It_s_more_fun_in_a_...

The Civic seems a bit more playful and as an ambient I think that it's fantastic. As a launch campaign it seem a bit too static, would have loved to see the car come out of the box or used in a cereal ad (ok, I'm the kind of person that would tell honda to ship boxes of cereals with model Civics in to their dealers too)

Activity Score 1149
Copywriter at Convince Ltd |

= =

kleenex's picture

Now where can I buy a box of cereal that will give a real drivable Honda inside????

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Web Designer/Developer
AdBuzzer's picture

I don't really get it. What is this action trying to communicate about Honda? For me it's a perfect event for a cereal promotion in which you can win the car.

Activity Score 1146
Marketing Manager |

Dzsoi's picture

I think this is exactly the case: 0:23 -> "special prize inside" message on the box. Seems like a cereal promotion to me. I like it.

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