Branded Performance in Union Square, San Francisco

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March 2010


TEAK and Mr. Youth Collaborate for H&M Branded Performance in SF
55 stylish kids surprise the public at Union Square in San Francisco with a hip hop dance battle that showcases the latest H&M Kids fashion.

Ambient advertisement created by Mr. Youth, United States for H&M, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Mr. Youth, USA
Director of Brand Development: Vishal Sapra
Executive Producer: Marc Grunberg
Creative Lead: Erica Boynton
Account Executive: Jill Huelser
Production & Editorial Company: TEAK
Director: Greg Martinez
Line Producer: Ynze Bijl
Editor: Jeremy Huff
Producer: Emily van Nierop
Choreography: Culture Shock Oakland/Shock Family
Choreographer / Exec.Director: Kim Sims-Battiste
Music: "Set it Off"
Composer / Artist: Izza Kizza
Artist Management: Daniel Glogower, Skyscraper Management
Event Planning Company: Cappa & Graham, Inc
Vice President: Gordon R. Thompson
Program Director: Josiline Shanahan
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Miss_France's picture

j'aime bien l'idée du clash entre deux kids mais la chute avec ce flashmob est trop conventionnelle, j'aurais aimé voir quelque chose de réellement original...

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pez's picture

(english please! or other language that everybody can understand)

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Creative Director
Miss_France's picture

j'aime bien l'idée du clash entre deux kids mais la chute avec ce flashmob est trop conventionnelle, j'aurais aimé voir quelque chose de réellement original...

ouch ! my english level is poor.

Well, love the idea but the fall of this flashmob suck
I will saw an original end
it's sad

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pdhansson's picture

a flashmob! refreshing.

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robinstam's picture

They pretend it's a spontaneous flashmob, but then why was the square empty from the beginning? I think it's a planned street performance sponsored by H&M. There's nothing wrong with doing a street dance to demonstrate your clothes, but a regular fashion show would have drawn just as much people. And the viral effect of the video is negligible because this is not the first 'spontaneous' dance video.

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Adaddicted's picture

Good performance!

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sirvan's picture

Never seen this done before... no, wait. Oops. I have. About a zillion times.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

whiplash's picture

enough of those wannabe flashmob. Done, re-done, re-re-done. By the Pez we're about 200 000 000 peoples speaking french. To me, it sounds like une langue que plusieurs personnes parlent et qui méritent d'être utilisé n'importe où dans le monde. If you don't get it there's free tanslator online.

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unu2trei's picture

spot on regarding the spot. i also have a feeling most of the people gathered around were the kids' family :D . i'm glad to see a french speaking (correct) english. you don't get many these days. et si tu pense, il y a plusieurs de 200 000 000 de jens qui parle l'aglais, n'est-ce pas? i'm sorry, is that even right?

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xcreativity's picture

getting old...

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bad astronaut's picture

done...but I don't care. It works! They just need to get rid of that brazilian booty shaking and save it for the adult version.

bad astronaut
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satrianee's picture

nice "souvenir" for tourist cameras.

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AssassinX's picture

So this is the so-called "flash mob"???

It was just an organised performance in public place, and it was sooooo predictable.

I think "flash mob" should be always like a sudden strike, like T-Mobile's ad which was recorded in Liverpool St. tube station, London.

Anyway, this H&M ad is not bad.

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