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December 2009
Het Zwarte Fietsenplan:  Flat tire
Het Zwarte Fietsenplan Ambient Ad -  Flat tire


Het Zwarte Fietsenplan is a bike shop with several stores in Amsterdam. To make people aware that they can have their repairs done at Het Zwarte Fietsenplan we put stickers on the well-known cycle lane signs in the street. We placed our stickers so that the bikes on the signs seem to have a flat tire. In this way we invite everybody to get their tires fixed at Het Zwarte Fietsenplan.

Ambient advertisement created by N=5, Netherlands for Het Zwarte Fietsenplan, within the category: Professional Services.


Flat tire? Het Zwarte Fietsenplan. Sales and repairs.

Advertising Agency: N=5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art Directors: Paul Bakker, Ed van Bennekom
Copywriter: Jasper Diks
Photographer: Reza Harek
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Reality Check's picture

At best, this idea is half-inflated.

Reality Check
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ShaniG's picture

I'm wonder how many flat tires they will need to fix in order to pay the fines for vandalizing the signposts.

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Creative Director
JPhilly's picture

Yes, when did vandalizing become acceptable advertising. This guerrilla may work for some edgy dot-com start-up, but no legitimate brand or company would advertise on street signs. The concept is creative maybe for a spec ad, but in no way a REAL ad campaign (at least in the states, maybe Europe is different?)

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Student- Ohio University |


germanhudders's picture

Not bad... I kind of like it but I'm not sure

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Copywriter at Droga5
chris myles's picture

very impressive !!!!

chris myles
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Napier University
kusseejner's picture
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morse's picture

Very cool ideas.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

akrokdesign's picture

traffic signs shouldn't turn into ad space. no respect for the idea or the work.

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Graphic Designer at akrok design
silvi's picture

Not great idea.

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rolling.stone's picture

good idea

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Copywriter at Delhi , India |


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

zephyr7884's picture

It would be too small to see.. nobody would've noticed that..

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Art Director
kamilwoojcik's picture

good and cheap ad

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WSZMiJO, Katowice, Poland
atb2005's picture

I am not sure if they are allowed to do this. that is, place stickers on those sings. If they are, then this is not just a good idea, it's a brilliant idea! Cost effective and eye catching.

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