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September 2008
Havaianas:  Tree
Havaianas Ambient Ad -  Tree


They made a tree bloom using multi-colored Havaianas sandals on the first day of spring in South Africa.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, South Africa for Havaianas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Network BBDO South Africa
Creative Directors: Graeme Jenner, Rob Mclennan
Art Directors: Sean Harrison
Copywriter: Tim Beckerling
Illustrator: Sean Harrison
Photographer: David Prior
Editor: Susan Dexter
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Tradition has it that if the sandal crop is particularly bountiful and full of color, the village maidens will be particularly receptive to nights of loving bliss in the Spring with some lucky young strapping young men.

But, like most traditions, this isn't really true. A big harvest of sandals means that more slightly and not so slightly obese young women will be tromping around the mall in their colorful footwear, chatting on a cellphone with the girlfriend standing next to them, making catty remarks about the goofy looking geeks hanging out by the Cinnabon franchise on level 2.

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where's the brand? all i see are sandals, not havaianas.

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what are you, the client??????

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just out of curiosity...did the havaianas stay long on the tree? They wouldn't last an hour where I'm from...

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Stayed there for a week, we employed a security guard to watch them.

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Sandals for free....great promotion!

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Does that mean Havaianas grow on trees?

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Nice outdoor concept in South Africa ! Johannesburg is the largest man made forest in the world. But at winter, colours disappears.. On the first day of spring, Havaianas decided to give mother nature a helping hand.

You should view this video about the campaign Havaianas :

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