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June 2009
Green Works:  Reverse graffiti
Green Works Ambient Ad -  Reverse graffiti


Description of Ambient execution -
For the launch of Green Works, a 99% plant-based cleaner, we chose the biggest, dirtiest area we could find to demonstrate that the product was both environmentally friendly and that it worked better than other green cleaners. WIth the help of Green Works, reverse graffiti pioneer Paul “Moose” Curtis created a 140-foot long, eco-friendly mural of indigeous plant life at the entrance to San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel by cleaning away years’ worth of dirt and pollution. Over one year later, the mural is still visible to over 20,000+ people that pass by daily.

Ambient advertisement created by DDB, United States for Green Works, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: DDB West, San Francisco, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Bennett
Creative Director: Dustin Smith
Copywriter: Jon Lancaric
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jessica Buttimer
Planners: Stacey Grier, Debra Berman
Account Supervisor: Michelle Ehlinger
Producers: Frank Brooks, Mia Lischer
Art Director: Natalie Chambers
Illustrator: Paul "moose" Curtis
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alexander_bickov's picture

Somewhere I saw this art style artist. Interesting idea

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lovely idea

Ed Mintone's picture


Ed Mintone
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this idea has been used to death. even the time i was still studying it was not new anymore and that was in 2002..
man times have changed and so did cannes.

john ler's picture
john ler
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Creative Director at Euro RSCG Casablanca, Morocco
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until i saw these two above links, i really liked this piece, but man, who knew it had been so directly ripped off?!

alexander_bickov's picture

Somewhere I saw this art style artist. Interesting idea

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NatalieM's picture

Still awesome! Great media usage and art direction strategy. It really lets the product benefits shine.


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Topolewski |


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because the medium has been use before , it doesn't mean the idea is less worthy. In that same line of thinking then, every ad ever printed on paper is tire and over done, because it has been put on white paper.

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this is a ridiculous argument. you could also say "because a headline employed the english alphabet, its' been done" the idea is absolutely less worthy seeing it's been done before.

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This message is not clear. It took my wife to tell me what on earth this is. I guess, maybe because I work in Photoshop and digital printing I couldn't see the forest for the trees, (ha ha)....

Maybe, if this sort of imaging went viral, with others using this product, and greenworks sponsoring various mural jobs across the country, it would be more visible..... Maybe even cross-marketing with other products.

Matthew J. Orley

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Copywriter at Surat, India |

noisyhk's picture

some lifeless feeling to me...
the green work should be more colorful... even at least the green one, isn't it?

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um, there's a typo in 'visable''s spelt VISIBLE.

T.'s picture

Works really well. But if it has been done before... mmmm...

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What's your ad telling the consumer?

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