Jaws never return Vinegar Plate

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December 2010
Green Sense:  Jaws never return Vinegar Plate


When customers look at the vinegar plate they see a finless shark drowning in red vinegar sauce, reminding them that after having their fins chopped off sharks are thrown back into the ocean alive.

Ambient advertisement created by Grey, Hong Kong for Green Sense, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Associate Creative Directors: Vincent Tse, Kong Siu Lan
Art Director: Tony Cheung
Copywriter: Paul Tsang
Retoucher: Touch Workshop
Retoucher: Simon Kwan
Illustrator: Shannon Ma
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Dzsoi's picture

Golden Bullshit 2010 in Most Obvious Scam category. Congrat for the trophy, well done!

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Guest's picture

I like the idea, but is it a scam?

No restaurant would let you replace their bowls with ones that stop customers from ordering a dish from their menu.

Lazarus's picture

hmm.. I doubt any restaurant would risk putting customers off their food with something like this. Sorry Grey. Next scam please.

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Creative Director
jackmancer2017's picture

Indeed. Doesn't make much sense.

Guest's picture

great idea
simply the great

Guest's picture

So... you spend lots of money ordering shark's fin soup, then you get this bowl of vinegar, then when your soup arrives, you are supposed to refuse it? hmm......

Girlfireice's picture

brilliant i say. There isnt a better way to show this

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Copywriter at Trainee
Janae's picture

if the restaurant is selling this soup, why should they force their customer to not buying it.
and if you are in a restaurant, where you can't order this soup, these customers are not
the target, because they'll probably don't eat it.

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copywriting trainee at Reputation/Publicis/Leo Burnett Copenhagen |


tzuik's picture

I think it's a good idea with a good implementation. It makes people think twice before ordering this dish in the future. And yes, it might mean some financial losses for the restaurant, but it's much more efficient than actually not serving the dish anymore.

Activity Score 104
Guest's picture

Indeed where did they do this... If the restaurant is so much against the practice that they would do this, why would they serve shark fin soup in the first place

Guest's picture

hmmm... seems this is better placed on the table for whole day.... whatever people will order the shark fin soup or not....
anyway... but it's good to remind people the horrible fact, especially in chinese society...

Guest's picture

indblowing idea for creating awareness... well done.

Guest's picture

it works... so well done!

keithstoeckeler's picture

Tough subject and this cuts directly to it. Really like the execution.

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eminenz's picture

very clearly presented

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Creative Director at Delhi, India
Dzsoi's picture

Golden Bullshit 2010 in Most Obvious Scam category. Congrat for the trophy, well done!

Activity Score 8603
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Perhaps they went to restaurants and convinced them to not serve the soup, or popular restaurants who no longer serve soup, but are often asked by customers if it is on the menu. Or a deal with restaurants who cater to big companies (or could benefit). Especially if there was an upsurge in traffic because people wanted to see these ads at work.

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