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Haha....Arthur I like the way you put your comments. Really smart. :-)

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I like this a lot. My little guy is always yelling from the back seat, "Mama, look!! TRUCK!!!" Now those trucks he has me looking at could remind me that I could bring the joy home thanks to Toys 'R Us.

Parents...we are such suckers!

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Exactly the same idea for Fun Mega Toys won a silver at the Clio Awards 2005. By LDV / Red Cell Antwerp. I don't understand why this execution wins so many awards this year.
Anyway, nice idea. But this execution looks like a photoshop-fake to me.

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Haha....Arthur I like the way you put your comments. Really smart. :-)

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Arthur: here's the problem you have, it's a really big one at that.

Just because you say it, doesn't make it true:

"these ideas and concepts never get stale or boring, infact it doesn't matter how many times you see the visual scale joke used it almost feels like the first time"
Sorry, doesn't feel like the first time, I was thinking or how many times I've actually seen it done.

"it's clever it gets the viewer excited and interested."
Sorry, It can only be clever once, after that it's a copy of clever. Which isn't clever at all now is it.

The campaign isn’t that bad, however that is because someone really clever came up with the idea long ago, and other’s including you are borrowing it and copying it. yes indeed it is a clever idea,

the thing that makes me Ill is your attempt to make it yours by simply saying it is:

“After many hours brainstorming for the company Toys R us we as a team had come to a creative dead end.”
“then suddenly it hit me like a bolt of lightening!”

What you meant to say is that it hit you like a bolt of lighting after remembering the work that someone else had done.

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um, i think Arthur was being sarcastic. then again he could've really really loved it :\

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who's arthur? i dont see his names on the credits. And if arthur was involved he'd know the campaign was for outdoor...

Joe Harris
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If at first you dont succeed... don't try parachuting

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