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April 2011

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It’s Media. It’s Outdoor. It’s Interactive. It’s Promotion. It’s PR. It’s integrated. What is this? Fox Crime performs, for the first time in history, an outdoor billboard that uses an iPhone app to interact with the public through a set of dynamic elements, powered by the real world, allowing a game that uses a mix of tools ever combined so far. We developed an augmented reality (AR) application, to play against the billboard in real-time, shooting the bad guys and polishing one’s shooting style as if in a shooting salon, through the iPhone camera, and thanks to the gyroscope and the geolocation system.

Ambient advertisement created by Bungalow25, Spain for Fox Crime, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Bungalow25, Madrid, Spain
Executive creative Directors: Pablo Pérez-Solero, Julio Gálvez
Creative Directors: Iñigo Ancizu, Javier Gómez
Art Director: David García
Copywriter: Lucía Bara Online
Creative Director: Javier Galiana
Account Director: Marta Larrauri
Account Executive: Raquel López de Lacalle
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DBB's picture

For the first time in history?
Aren't you embarrassed even to write this sentence?
I wanted to say it's a nice campaign but after this case i don't really like it anymore.

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morse's picture

Great work. I would play with this for sure.

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Art Director |

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Bob.C's picture

It seems interesting although the explanation is really poor and distracting. Does anyone have a better explanation of the campaign and technology (is it just one site, how does the twitter element work etc, prizes, how did it tie in)?

There is a video which I think might have more details on youtube if you speak Spanish (I don't)

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Copywriter at Convince Ltd |

= =

atb2005's picture

I was going to say the same. This is a very poor case video.

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Bungalow25's picture

If is not a fake, It´s a incredible ad and app.
But the video case is not good.
Anyway the idea is great.

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Marketing Manager
dean viii's picture

technology is not a concept.

dean viii
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Creative Director
Bungalow25's picture

Technology is not a concept, but the use of technology for make a billboard fun, i´ts.

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Marketing Manager
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