Speed Dating Prank

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February 2014


Ambient advertisement created by Team Detroit, United States for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, Dearborn, USA
Creative Director: Anita Salomon
Senior Art Director: Sarah Bills
Copywriter: Lana Goodrich
Executive Creative Director: Matt Soldan
Producer: Matt Caruana
Program Architect: Emily Luger
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works for Valentine's Day/Week/Month

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it's OK to have an opinion

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Sure did.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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This advertisement lacks originality. Although entertaining and humorous, the idea of pranking people with a professional driver has actually been done by one of Ford's top competitors, Chevy. Pepsi Max partnered with Chevy to prank a salesman by have Jeff Gordon take the Camaro out for a test drive. After that video was wildly successful and went viral, this advertisement simply seems recycled. With that being said the timing and theme of this commercial is its strength. What would be an uncreative advertising attempt, might prove to be a success because of the relatable timing. I don't think this ad will benefit from the viral potential of being original however it is still a well timed ad that will keep peoples attention. Also the females stunt driver might not help Ford's muscle car image for Mustangs. Muscle cars, along with trucks, are typically known for being masculine vehicles. Having the starring role in the advertisement be a female might conflict with the muscle car image.

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recycled idea

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