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September 2010


Coca-Cola Israel Launched the Fanta FBALL bottles in April 2010.In order to reach the target audience of teens, with the brand's message "never say no to fun" a youth club was created by Fanta and Promarket Israel agency ( the Fclub. The purpose of the club: to give teens a range of spontaneous, exciting and full of fun experiences under the roof of one brand: Fanta.
Tens of thousands of teen's registrated to the club via Facebook or via text messages. Every few days a text messag was sent to their mobile phone. The teens, that were spontaneous enough to be the first to respond, awarded with great events that were available to numerous club members only:

Yacht party: about 70 teens who responded fast enough to the text message were invited at the same day to Fanta's yacht party in the middle of the sea, loaded with games, prizes, contests, and plenty of Fanta.

Spontaneous flight to London: in collaboration with the Israeli 24 music channel, teens were invited by SMS to come with their passport to the channel's pop up Studio in Jerusalem. The 24 teens, that arrived first, participated in live broadcasted mission and won a flight ticket to London for 24 hours of fun.

Pool summer party: a huge summer party was held for 2500 club members that were the first to respond to a facebook invitation.

First Stand up Show on the plane: the first 70 respondent to text message won a ticket to a live stand up show on a plane for club members only.

Mob the mall: at a late night hour, 35 spontaneous teenagers were given 1,000 NIS and a flashlight and were sent to mob Lee Cooper store- one of the hottest denim brand in Israel.

"A Nowhere orange night": the closing party of the club took place in the nature at one of the most ancient woods in Israel. Fanta's shuttles brought 1000 fast responded to a secrete place in the woods to a party that lasted all night long.

Ambient advertisement created by Promarket, Israel for Fanta, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Promarket Israel
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I known someone who slept with the girl on the left

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Thanks Sony Entertainment...This content is not available in Germany

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Very nice brand building I would say. Here is your real advertising Sirvan coolly executed :)

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It's Event Marketing. And they probably made Fanta Drinkers out of those 70 teens (and the friends they bragged about it to). A darn good event, so bravo!

Israel is doing some fun, non-traditional stuff, for sure. And hey, at least it's not fake or a ripoff ;)

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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A darn good event?? What is so special about this event? It's fun but there's nothing non traditional about it. Watch what Promarket did for Coca Cola. I am not sure if Ivan has posted that case study on here. Google it. Coca Cola Village 2010. Now THAT is non traditional.

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I known someone who slept with the girl on the left

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