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September 2008
Environmental Defense Fund Ambient Ad -  Polar Bears


Ambient advertisement created by Ogilvy, United States for Environmental Defense Fund, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, New York, USA
Vice-Chairman, Creative: Chris Wall
Group Creative Directors: Chris Mitton, Terry Finley
Senior Art Director: Dustin Duke
Senior Copywriter: Jon Wagner
Agency Producer: Carrie Simon
Director: Tim Godsall
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks USA
Sr. Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holy Vega
Line Producer: Jon Messner
DP: Bryan Newman
Editorial: Geoff Hounsell, Lost Planet
Artist: Josh Harris
Musical Artist: Stars of the Lid
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onemilkid's picture

Bad copy of a nice art concept. Sad

Activity Score 111
onemilkid's picture

And by copy I mean Just taking an artist's installation and putting a logo at the end is not advertising.

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LessTalkMoreMock's picture

Josh Harris is the artist behind these too.

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Copywriter at Advertising/Design |

Critical Intent Adblog

mark3r's picture

Hats Off!! Inspirational.. Great WORK!

Activity Score 1949
Art Director at Scout
critical_mass's picture

Absolutely incredible. Hats off to you.

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moner's picture

what a rip off
it s sad

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tschwartz46's picture

Actually, Josh (the artist from SVA) worked with the agency on this spot, too. See credit list.

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digifool's picture

Is that duct tape I see holding the bears together? If so it's a beautiful idea ruined by low production value.

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Art Director
Goblin's picture

nice work guys...
Share your creativity
upload/download free pictures, 3d models, illustrations...

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Creative Director at I TO NIJE SVE! |


Crisp One's picture

I KNEEEEEW someone was going to rip this off...just wondering when.

Crisp One
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moner's picture

i m stil not aproving

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gmint7's picture


nice ambient

not really related to the message

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Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


moner's picture

it s not even ambient
it s a tv spot
i hope the did stencil a message next to the work so it has a use after being filmed

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shailu20066's picture

What the end. you do for awards you don't now waht is the result of your ad no body i also can be follow this...

sorry but
good work....

ailendra Agiwal
86, Bank Colony, Annapurana Road, Indore (India)
Tel. : 2483732, Mob. : 98260-20066, 9424540777

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Shailendra Agiwal
86, Bank Colony, Annapurana Road, Indore (India)
Tel. : 2483732, Mob. : 98260-20066, 9424540777

JAGGY's picture

This could be a 'Don't use plastic' ad. Would have been better that way.

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Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

Wordnerd's picture

that was just a matter of time. surprised no one used this geniuses work sooner

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seiyapunk's picture

sh|t i been working on this, since i saw josh harris work, now is all lost, and any other copy will be better than that.

geek's picture

Oh please! Everyone stop bitching about how Ogilvys 'ripped off' an idea! They commissioned the artist, gave him full credit, and took his work and created a strong idea. If anyone has a problem with the originality of this piece maybe they should go back and criticize every piece of fiction created (which is ultimately an adaptation of someone else's earlier work).

Jealousy leaves a tangy scent in the air gentlemen. Maybe we should just swallow our pride an admit it is a bloody good ad?

Activity Score 41
mara's picture

It is a bloody good ad by Josh Harris. Oh, i forget something, and Josh Harris' list of tagged along credits.

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