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when i started reading i thought 'brilliant' but then i looked at the pictures. why are these so boring?
some bad stuf should 've happened, which would give me a reason not to let their toys die (like in that great print)

now i learn: never let their toys die or they will take pictures in the mirror. WOW! Scary!

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agree. this falls flat. especially mother would think it is cute to have pictures like those rather than a kid getting to your nerves with barking puppy 3000 all night long ;)

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absolutely. agree.

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I would have liked to see pictures of the things (assuming "bad" things) kids when their toys died. Although, these do look a lot like the pictures little kids actually take.

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Yeah but then who is taking the pictures?

Why would someone be taking pictures of a child acting bad.

The idea is the kid is bored therefore wasting time taking senseless pictures. Its a lot to get i think. Good thought though

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