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Goodness that was dull.

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That was effective and generated a lot of buzz in Argentina. For almost one week everyone was talking about Elvis on TV.

All with a handheld, a regular printer, and leftover teddy bears.

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Good DM stuff

banana tom
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Qué poco entendí!! Por qué no dejaron el audio en español y le pusieron subtítulos en inglés???

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They managed to scare the king away... now he will never show up :-(

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A mi me paso lo mismo : )

a little long...

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veeeery long.
although what is long is the explanation of the action.
the idea itself is not bad, but the line.. "we did that with a myth, imagine what we can do with your brand" (or something like that) is definitely an overpromise, precisely because elvis is already a myth.

for me it's more difficult to work for a brand nobody knows, so in my point of view the phrase should be the contrary. whick would kill the idea, of course.

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