Vac from the Sea

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October 2010


Electrolux has unveiled five unique vacuum cleaners that have been made from plastic waste collected from the world’s oceans. The event marks the next chapter and continuation of the “Vac from the Sea” campaign launched in July by Prime Sweden and Electrolux PR Studio that aims to raise awareness around ocean plastic waste and inspire consumers and industry to recycle more. Follow the development of Vac from the Sea at, @vacfromthesea or

Production Manager:Karin Schollin

Ambient advertisement created by Prime, Sweden for Electrolux, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Prime, Stockholm, Sweden and Electrolux PR Studio
Executive Creative Director: Tom Beckman
Creative Director Electrolux Account: Jonas Bodin
Account and Project Manager: Mattias Ström
Creatives: Carl Fredrik Holtermann, Devi Brunson
Head of Planning: Marcus Wenner
Planner: Kerem Yazgan
PR Manager Europe: Julia Emmerich (Electrolux PR Studio)
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jackmancer2017's picture

Doesn't really feel like an ad. My sceptical feeling always makes me wonder if they do environmental things to boost sales or that they honestly mean it. Anyhow, kudos to their work. I really loved those vacuum cleaners made out of plastic. To me, that was the only interesting part of this video.

Guest's picture

to boost their sales of course but the important thing is that somehow all these brands that want to do good to the enviroment so they can crawl to a high position in the Top of heart, end up doing something good in general speak for the enviroment

morse's picture

More companies should do such things. Let's clean up the mess in our oceans.

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TrapDaniels's picture

Plus for the idea. Minus for the spiritual music..

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800A's picture

Finally our work seems to have a helpful brilliant idea. Not only about sale something or produce great ads, but work for something higher.
My compliments to Electrolux and Prime. Go on.

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thatcliffguy's picture

Looks great for the brand.

But they truly care about the cause not just their sales.

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AssassinX's picture

I specially love the design of the hoover surface.

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truly inspirational.

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saving earth~it's so great idea

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