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What, you get a pacifier w/ a tag when you buy coffee?

Per all of these: first of all, the entire idea is lacking. IWANTOTBEABABY>COM is a bit of a disconnect w/ selling baby clothes. The real site, eggbaby, is all about baby FASHION, using environmentally friendly materials. Surely there was a better idea to get that across, instead of a TEASER campaign?

But let's pretend for a moment that the idea of "how great it is to be a baby" (in other words) is sound, and spot-on.

These executions are all very 1st round -type thinking! There are a zillion better, more fun ways to get this point across, especially via guerilla!

Not to mention the lines aren't good, and the art direction is, well, just blah.

Also, did a baby tie that knot? Wow.

Look, I hate being this negative, but I'm being honest. These are obviously two young creatives doing a freelance assignment, and good for them. But what a MISSED OPPORTUNITY this is! You HAVE to push beyond those first thoughts guys. And if you find yourself having doing something like this, something a bit "off" in terms of pure communications, you have to make sure the copy, art direction and EXECUTION are totally awesome. This fails on all fronts.

Next time?

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I agree with sirvan

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well guys, thanks for such constructive criticism! As a matter of fact I've been in advertising for 15 years, and i love the fact that you think I'm that young. It made my day.

marta ibarrondo

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Wow, just logged in & feel the need to remind you all that of course it goes wthout saying that we should respect any and all comments, but Sirvan, asking if the knot looked like a baby had tied it.....with that critical eye, I would say that any and all projects must have even the smallest faults for you. Forgive the honesty......but this is my comment. I like the idea; bravo Marta. Keep up the good work; I say.

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Monica Hayes

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funny comment. the fact that the knot looks like a baby tied it makes it even better, after all its selling baby clothes.

lara nyc
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I think this should be a bit more explicit, sure it.s a website about babies but still, there should be some specifications one what exactly they are doing, do they want to sell something? Or they just want to offer support to the young mothers? I can't see that from the ad.

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