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September 2008
Dreamfields:  Plastic bag


Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, South Africa for Dreamfields, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


This is a soccer ball or plastic bag as it is more commonly known. Right now, you are holding a part of someone’s dream in your hands, the only dream some children have to play around with on dusty township fields. A plastic bag like this one is filled with more bags and then tied with string, until it resembles a ball. And just like a real soccer ball, it is kicked and passed around by bright-eyed children with hope in their hearts. Think of how many stars have gone unnoticed, all because they didn’t have access to basic facilities. The Dreamfields Project aims to turn dreams into reality by building at least 24 beautifully turfed soccer pitches in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Because if we’re going to bring dreams to life, let them be real, and not made out of plastic.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Ivan Johnson
Art Director: Quentin Arendse
Copywriter: Hilton Mashonga
Photographer: David Prior
Other additional credits: Clinton Mintri
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LessTalkMoreMock's picture

Seems like a lot of copy for a plastic bag. I think you could edit it down to about four lines but the idea is great. Nice insight.

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coolcatdaddy's picture

A better approach for this might have been:

"This is soccer ball...
made out of plastic."

And, in smaller type, "See reverse for more information you can read while holding this bag on your subway ride."

control C's picture

see reverse for more information you can read while holding this bag on your subway ride????????????????????? ah?!?!?!? dude...

Great idea South Africa!!!

control C
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Great idea

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