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September 2009
Divine:  Stapled posters
Divine Ambient Ad -  Stapled posters


Ambient advertisement created by Watermark, Canada for Divine, within the category: Health.


Body Piercing $39. Your choice of jewelry included. Some restrictions apply, but not many.

Advertising Agency: Watermark Advertising Design, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Charles Blackwell
Art Director: Filipe Biondi
Copywriter: Man-Kin Chan
Photographer: Christopher Sattlegger
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Very bad. They look like pinhead from a hellraiser poster.

john ler's picture

Who knew it had been done before and done better ?

I'm with you guys! Why ripping-off a Cannes shortlist when you can spoil a Grand Prix ?!!

john ler
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Creative Director at Euro RSCG Casablanca, Morocco
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nice...... but I have a kind of De Ja Vu

Juan Cabral's picture

It´s good to remember old Grand Prixs...

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.

Juan Cabral
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Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

mikeelrapido's picture

Nice idea..

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I like it

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Acupuncture ad with pins.
Done and done.
Also, 'impactful' isn't a word.

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hahaha, impactful.

Horrible writer.

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Divine Rules.....just dont get pierced with an apprentice. he ruined my eyebrown!
And i think almost every visitor of this website, are looking after spectacular creations. and advertising isnt about just that!
This ad for example.,...i knew this store, its located on the fancy 17th street, but its kinda small (its a second hand clothes store, for jesus sake)!
i dont think they were able to pay more than these stampled posters. So they succeded in what they wanted, right? i guess thats what it counts, i dont give a shit if isnt the most spectacular ad masterpiece in the world, or if was done before, or if isnt good enough to win a lion. its a good idea, and it works, am i wrong? so suck my balls fake creatives...if you think u can think somethin better, so do it. Stop waistin time talking about and post your ideas in your comments!

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Can't handle the heat THEN DON'T SUBMIT TO ADS OF THE WORLD. I bet you were one of the creatives on this because nobody would write so much of a rant if it wasn't there stuff. Have a good day

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Why bother doing a dog-walker if it's not going to be original.
I'm willing to bet that this is not a paying client so your "they succeded in what they wanted" (sic), to me, is a bunch of bool-sheet.
And I agree, this is either one of the creatives on the project, or one of the creative's mom.
From the well-writedness of this posting, I'm hoping it's the art director.
Fake Creative.

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There is nothing original in this industry people.
you know it.
As long as the ads help selling the products, I think it is a job done well.

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largely agree

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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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No i wasnt in the project, and i dont support this ad, i give a 05..its pretty ordinary, and we all know that. I just choose this ad cause i lived in calgary and i consider myself one of their clients. And this poor ad works for walking on the streets and i think to, i got to check it out whats going on at divine. THIS IS ADVERTISING FOR ME! and the way u people talk about the others projects make mesic as hell. Because of people like you im almost giving up of advertising. You think your are the shit but youre nothing but frustated creatives who doesnt even know the basics of design, art, marketing and advertising. Worst than hthat....u cant even write in english!
This space could be used for construtive comments not arrogant bullshit!! its almost impossible to check this site as i used many bullshit and so many waste of time!

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"Worst than hthat....u cant even write in english!"
Hilarious joke, or sad, sad irony.

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Cool idea

Fingerpaint's picture

Looks painful and ugly - more likely to turn people off than pique their curiosity in piercing.

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