Dirty Pajero

November 2007
 Dirty Pajero
 Dirty Pajero


Showrooms are generally places where cars are shown in mint condition. But a Pajero, is known as a 'true' SUV. Taking a cue from that insight, we displayed a Pajero that had been through Hell and back.

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, India
Creative Directors: Raghu Bhat, Manish Bhatt, Srreram Athray
Art Directors: Ankit Kothari, Sandeep Das
Copywriter: Rayomand J. Patell
Photographer: Joseph Daniel
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Juan Pablo De Gamboa's picture

Great idea. This was done a couple of years ago in colombia for Toyota Prado. But in those times there was no ads of the world to kill a interoaceanic coincidence. Good job.

Juan Pablo De Gamboa
Activity Score 165
Creative Director |


TRICKY's picture

why??is water rare to clean it .....you go to a showroom to buy a car not a mud box!!!!!!

Activity Score 3790
Creative Director |

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

primo_susto's picture

you can olso buy a tv and see that the people who like this kind of SUVS , really enjoy the idea of take the car to wild-adventure-dirty-experience and that mud box probes that is a top car... so i guess you are not a tarjet market for this add

Activity Score 438
Graphic Designer
TRICKY's picture

primo: i'd rather buy a landcruiser for this kind of adventure or a camel trophy land rover

Susto :
is as a folk illness, specifically a "fright sickness" with strong psychological overtones. Susto comes from the Portuguese and Spanish word for "fright" (i.e. Sudden intense fear, as of something immediately threatening). A more severe and potentially fatal form of susto is called espanto (also from Spanish, meaning terror or intense fright). People believe that if a person is suffering from susto, his or her soul is separated from the body

ps:Those most likely to suffer from susto are culturally stressed adults (women more often than men)

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Creative Director |

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

Weezard's picture


Susto just translates to scare or fright.
Espanto translates to awe. Nothing mythological to it (at least in common portuguese).

Also, the whole point of making commercials is changing or reinforcing people's attitude towards brands. Who the hell cares that you'd buy a landcruiser or a motorbike with a sidecar? If this brand wants to be perceived as an adveturer's brand, they're doing the right thing.

I'm guessing you work in an agency that just lost the new business or something.

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Bobby Defect's picture

Nice idea!

Accent is done on SUV-s hardiness, i like it! This underlines its biggest advantage!!!

Bobby Defect
Activity Score 28
Kraft Foods Ukraine
Paulives's picture

Stark contrast to what one expects. Weakened a little by two visuals on the same thing. Just the top visual would have been sufficient. The next page should feature the cleaned up version saying , "Cleans up well for the Mrs too" Is that sexist? Good! It a car for men!!!

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Creative Director
Rayomand's picture

This layout is NOT an ad just in case anyone thinks it is one... it's just an idea board to illustrate the display activity that is happening, the photographs are of the pajero parked in the pajero showroom in Chennai (Madras). The same idea will also be executed at airports and malls in the near future. Thank you for all the comments and feedback.

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Contract Advertising
ooops's picture

not all Pajero lovers loves Pajero because of dirts
being dirt concept is too old fashion :)

Activity Score 448
Guest's picture

Can you imagine being the kid that has to detail it when the promo is over???

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