Rosa Maria

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November 2009
Dignity in Death:  Rosa Maria


Ambient advertisement created by Cundari, Canada for Dignity in Death, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Cundari Advertising, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Andy McKay
Art Director: Andy McKay
Copywriter: Andy Manson
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bobby666's picture

very potent. quite an eye-opener.

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jackmancer2017's picture

Yeh it's a fresh look on this, but what do they suggest? Let her die on day one?

morse's picture

Good advertising, but I agree with jack above. I don't know what the alternative offered here...

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satrianee's picture

Very bad copy writing... The suggestion lies beneath is terrible. Don't spend money on less hope. I'm afraid to google it up if it is a quote from Mendele's books.

edit: Haste made waste... What a sick mind i had this morning. For the conclusion I jumped; I should go check my DNA for any Mendele residue.

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vma64's picture

This is tough subject to take on. Good attempt. Sometimes the truth is a bit hard to swallow.

I would have like to have seen some correlation to why the park bench placement. Dedicating an area with a plaque usually represents that that area bore some significance to the individual.

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CrackerJackFlash's picture

people can buy a bench (or a tree) and dedicate it to the deceased.

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silvi's picture

Copy is strong. Makes you think.

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albion's picture

I don't work in the ad industry, and i support the right to control the circumstances of your own death as much as possible. But i cringed as I read the second half of the "copy". The irony is forced. And it did remind me of arguments made by Nazi's for euthenasia of people of all ages, in terms of cost and efficiency per person. You only need tell people how long she was on machines... There is enough emphasis in "4 years". Leave out the part about money. Readers will think about the "cost" without you having patronizingly explain it to them. Forced "copy" imho.

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Migzter13's picture

I like the direction.. but the alternative is a bit too iffy.

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