Millions of one of a kind bottles

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October 2014


Ambient advertisement created by Dahaf, Israel for Diet Coke, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Gefen Team, Israel
Production: Q Digital
Print Technology: HP Indigo
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TrapDaniels's picture

Unique bottles, but stolen idea. Absolut anyone?

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This idea works for me.

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I think Diet Cokes new marketing message is clever and unique. I think the new campaign helps built a relationship between the brand and the customer. The concept of making individuality in the products people purchases everyday separates the Coke brand from other. Making every bottle they produce different and unique by have different designs on each of them seems like a very daunting task,but will probably be worth it in the long run. Most likely with the help from thousands of graphic artist and many customers sending their own design in, they could easy have many designs for millions of bottles. One reason why I feel like this campaign was very successful because it takes place in Israel, which is a much smaller country than United States and Brazil. If a campaign like that ran in a bigger country with a higher population and more people buying coke products,the Coke would have a tougher time with creating and producing millions of design a week for this campaign. Getting a random bottle with a cool design, would make me feel unique between the bottle wasn't designed by me just randomly chosen. I understand and like their new message for the brand but I don't feel as close to a connection to the brand as the ad portarys.

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TrapDaniels's picture

Unique bottles, but stolen idea. Absolut anyone?

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I. Hate. This. Brand.

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An axe murderer of ads.

Corbeen's picture

why guys? why do you spend millions on something which had been already done? its an idea that can not be done over and over for different brands. Imagine a market if everyone is doing this? absolute than coke, and few brands more? Rainbow products..
There are so much things that you can do for a coke.
And at the end what does different product of diet coke tells us? Not clever...

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