Would you answer this suicide call?

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September 2014


Ambient advertisement created by Ogilvy, Belgium for De Zelfmoordlijn, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Sam De Win
Art Director: Brigitte Bourgeois
Copywriter: Nathalie Strybos
Account Team: Tomas Sweertvaegher, Audrey Laurent, Elise Carpentier
Agency Producer: Bruno Dejonghe
Film Production Company: TRS
Director: Jan Boon
Executive Producer: Frederik Zaman
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the callers are real?

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I like

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I would ;]

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did the idea work.

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I like this, but yeah, did it work?

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An axe murderer of ads.

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the callers are real?

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This is a strong and emotionally appealing ad. It pulls the audience's attention right away as it creates a bizarre situation where a phone rings in the middle of a crowded plaza, intriguing the audience about what happens next. The message is clear and comprehensible with the added emotional aspect that connects with the audience. Any individuals who have experience with counseling services, suicide, emotional distress, or anything that relates to those can most likely relate to the message and impact of the ad. This is a good example of effective communication, as the marketers seem to understand the meaning that the consumers attach to the word suicide and the question, "Would you answer?" That question also engages the audience because it gives them something to think about - if they were in that situation would they answer the call? The other option for a suicide hotline ad could be to talk about statistics about how many people are affected or have people speak about their experience, etc. however, that does not involve the audience participation as much as this ad does. That audience interaction is what makes it a memorable and effective. The ad also evokes the audience to process the information more and hopefully better consider volunteering for the suicide hotline. The point of advertising is to connect with the consumer and persuade them to take part in what is being advertised and this ad does a good job of that. The demonstration of so many people around that phone but only a few that actually answer can also help convince the audience that help needed as well as give them the chance to decide whether or not they would answer leading them to their own conclusion of possibly volunteering. It seems to be a pretty simple ad with a very important concept that also has the potential to reach the targeted audience of possible volunteers. In less than 60 seconds this ad draws the audience in, keeps them, and gets the intended message across.

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