Peep show on Times Square

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January 2012


In a lewd throwback to the area's rough-and-tumble days as the global peep show capital, Click 3X designed a unique street-level window display for Devito/Verdi, and their client, Daffy's, that combines the novelty of interactive gadgetry with the power of live performance. Passersby will encounter a velvet curtain that a hidden model will occasionally poke her head through. A gaudy neon sign hangs above. The curious can place their hand in a certain spot, which is connected to the sign, to launch a show. The model swaggers onto the stage and, as the sign above flashes, "Wanna see what 20 percent off looks like?" removes a portion of her clothes. As the percentage on the sign grows - 40, 60, 80 - more clothing items fly off, until the velvet curtain drops over them and the show ends with "Wanna see more? Come downstairs" flashing across the screen.

Ambient advertisement created by Devito/Verdi, United States for Daffy's, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Devito/Verdi, USA
Production / Post Production: Click 3X
Senior Producer: Ephraim Kehlmann
Producer: Jenny Corbett
Animations: Claudeland Louis
Editor: Erin McCaffrey
Development: Jonathan Schnapp
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lakshmi narasimha murthy's picture

This is excellent, and what if it is more than 60%.... :D

lakshmi narasim...
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Art Director at Hyderabad, INDIA
vote4pedro's picture

Your customers are primarily women. So you blow your budget advertising to men. None of which will bother stepping foot in your store. Great strategy.

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gadgets's picture

I agree! But you must admit that is interesting idea. and maybe there are some couples and the men will be happy to visit the store for his wife, of course :)

Activity Score 1063
vote4pedro's picture

It's an old idea. The only thing new about it is doing it in Times Square. Assuming it hasn't been done there as well.

Activity Score 4599
ryanscottlum's picture

I actually think it's spot on. You don't see victoria's secret using male models trying to get women in the door. I think the concept is around making women feel sexy. Maybe I'm wrong.. just a thought.

Activity Score 15
vote4pedro's picture

There's a difference between sexy and slutty. This falls more in line with slutty, which is out of brand for Daffy's.

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jsptrck404's picture

yeah, because no women spend any time in times square. and if you think modern women are turned off by a little peep show, i suggest you stop being such a prude.

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Art Director |

| think small |

vote4pedro's picture

Did you see crowds of women stopping to watch their "show?" I must have missed that part. All I saw was dozens of people quickly walking past as the camera crew cornered a few tourists and got them to watch. If that's all the interest you can generate with tens of thousands of people walking by, you've failed.

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MicheleVirgilio's picture

very good idea. it works for me

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andylefty's picture

Works well

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Hadrons's picture

As an idea to get attention - you can't argue with facts.
The contact & level of "artistic talent" is rather low.
The question remains, what will be the long term damage imprinted on their target audience if any.

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Glut's picture

what about women?? no male stripper? What about fashion designs??? what about ideas?

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
kleenex's picture

I would rather see what 100% off looks like.....

Still a nice idea.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
Billoughsby's picture

Wait a minute. Wait a minute!

Does this mean sex sells?

Activity Score 5154
Art Director |

That's it.

Roger Keynes's picture

Hubububububa Hubububububa :)

Roger Keynes
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Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Ketan Katdare's picture

nice concept

Ketan Katdare
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