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Great! Let's dirty the streets! What happens when the cars pass over this butt litters?

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The effect generated is great however I agree with you klug, in 30 sec the butts will be spread all over the street...

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-------------------------------------------- the very best of non profit campaigns

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next time glue them on a fabric or something and put this mat on the crosswalks

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I have lived in Melbourne for three years and don't really remember the cigarette butts as a serious problem...maybe because I now live in Bomba and am used to seeing a lot more shit all around me.

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Picturejockey, they explained why butts are now a problem in the brief. Because of the legislation that now forbid anyone to smoke in bars and restaurants, people smoke in the streets insteed, where there is non ashtray but the sidewalk...Hence the problem.

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now the butts are pretty!

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nice...actualll i was thinking d same idea..but neways..

good work

amit parekh
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