Man-made island in the Red Sea

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October 2010


Coca-Cola Zero launched an extraordinary summer attraction in Israel: a mini-island called "Coca-Cola Zero-Zone" that was built as a floating island in the middle of the Red Sea, designed as an urban street, offering a unique sampling experience to its visitors.

The "Coca-Cola Zero-Zone", was built and produced by Promarket Israel, covering an area of over 400 square meters and was surrounded by water on all sides. It was built on the northern coast of the Gulf of Eilat, at a distance of about 100 meters from the shore and was accessible only by swimming to it or by shuttle boats. Once you arrived you were rewarded with an experiential sampling of Coca-Cola Zero.

Visitors at the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone enjoyed cold and refreshing Coca-Cola Zero served out of a pool bearing the brand logo, live drumming performances, a variety of games and great music. They all got to kick off their weekends with a private island party!
Hundreds of photos were taken on a daily basis and were posted to the brand's Facebook page – where visitors could find themselves, tag the photos and share the experience with their friends.

The visitors to the Coca-Cola Zero-Zone also receive a special "Benefits Bracelet" from Coca-Cola Zero, granting them various discounts at dozens of shops, restaurants, bars and other locations in the southern Israeli tourist city of Eilat.

Ambient advertisement created by Promarket, Israel for Coca-Cola Zero, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency / Production: Promarket Israel
Photographer: Aran Dolev
Video Aditor: George Avni
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a scenery not surrounded by nature deserves such a purely artificial island like this :)

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the biggest man-made island?
I recommend they consider this statement again.

Here is suada, a man-made island in the middle of bosphorus. It has 6 restaurants and a big swimming pool.

Therefore "fun island" is nothing news to me.

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“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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Ste-Helene Island and Notre-Dame Island in Montreal we man made and much bigger... It even has a F1 race track and a Casino

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Whats so great in this???
the coca cola village was way better than this?

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coca cola village was way better

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standard boringness

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what a wasteful campaign...

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where's the alcohol?

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Reminds me of that Bacardi ad:

To me, the Bacardi one had a better 'mood' to it and more relevance.

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The campaign was so successful,
We'd love to see more .... all the Mediterranean coast!
Ori Tirosh your total success!

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extremly boring

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Coke Club Siofok was first on the lake Balaton. I was one of the designers on it 10 years ago! :)

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Lame. Another example of large ad budgets being thrown away on that new fangled medium called Ambient - which few can manufacture well but all want a part of. The agency that put this together should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously the over 40 crowd marketing to the under 30 crowd.

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Meanwhile... an estimated 10 million Palestinians are living in concentration camps, refugee camps, and exile in and outside the state of Israel. Go ahead Ivan, Delete this comment. After all, we do not want to ruin the party. This is a Blog about mindless superficial communication. Let us keep ourselves distracted from the truth.

1.4 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have little access to basic construction material since the Israeli embargo began... and now, are forced to build their homes using hand made mud bricks.

Man made Coke island in the sea.

In India, where Coca-Cola's business practices have elicited widespread condemnation. Producing 0.33L of coke requires 1L of water. In some villages near cola factories, water levels have dropped by 60m. Harvests have fallen by more than 40% because there is not enough water to irrigate fields. But Coca-Cola denies all responsibility. "We are not the problem", states spokesman Rajiv Singh. "There are simply too many people living here who are wasteful with water."

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It's off topic, but it's not offending or bad language. Why should I delete it?

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He's right, Ivan.

If you know the truth you can't but to remember.

These people pamper themselves on a land that doesn't even belong to them.

What a shame!

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The shape of the island is boring. It should've been at least a 0.

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Agree with morse. and its a platform... its NOT an Island. Islands are beautiful serene places.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Totally ridiculous and mostly very pretentious. No credibility from this agency.

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total waste of time.

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It seems like a lot of money was spent on this campaign.. What was their target here? What was their objective?

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Looks like a very lame party. Nice idea though

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Nice init