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October 2009
Chicago Now:  Arresting Tales blog
Chicago Now Ambient Ad -  Arresting Tales blog


To create awareness of the blog “Arresting Tales” ( which is written by an actual Chicago police officer, zig dressed up 10 shackled “prisoners” in orange jumpsuits that read “Check out Arresting Tales at” Accompanied by a “cop,” they wandered up and down Chicago’s tony Michigan Avenue, to the delight (and sometimes concern) of passersby. Ironically, the “prisoners” were stopped by a real police officer, who, after ascertaining that they did not need a permit, informed them they were free to carry on. Curious onlookers inquired about the so-called delinquents roaming the city throughout the day, snapping photos and building buzz for Chicago’s largest blog network.

Ambient advertisement created by Zig, United States for Chicago Now, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Zig, Chicago, USA
Creative Director: Stephen Leps
Art Director: Janay Blazejewski
Copywriter: Natalie Taylor
Strategist: Ryan Wilson
Team Leader: Carlie Naftolin
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Frederico Roberto's picture

This one is a classic: "yawn, seen before"

Frederico Roberto
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Guest's picture

too bad ! I was going to say it was great before reading your comment.

Guest's picture

sorry, guys, you're three years late. "yawn, done, seen before"

Aphex's picture

NOOOO!! ... Esa acción ya la han hecho varias agencias, la última que recuerdo fue para Canal FX - Prison Break. Policía incluido :S. Qué pasa aquí? Buscan en Google, páginas de publicidad y hacen copy & paste?? Ya son DEMASIADAS gráficas, activaciones, etc. que son iguales a las que salieron en otros países. Por entrar a este site, acaso no están lo suficientemente "informados" de lo que ya se ha hecho??? Parece que NOOOO!! En fin, "tristes coincidencias".

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Guest's picture

Wait, because both clients have to do with prisoners and they both utilized prisoners in their execution? That's like saying you can no longer use an orange to advertise orange juice, it's been done before. Give it a rest.

krautland's picture

wait, you had TEN guys walk up and down michigan avenue to promote ONE blog? and this particular blog is just one of a bazillion out there, one without much original insight or noteworthy content?

wow. someone must have been really bored.

what's next, an eighty-million national tv campaign for jim's snack shop at north&damen?

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