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October 2010
Carlton:  Magnatron
Carlton Ambient Ad -  Magnatron


We built Australia's biggest game outside Australia's biggest game. Constructed in front of the famous MCG stadium, Magnatron was a ten-story high 42-ton version of a skill tester arcade game. With a 30 metre high crane and a giant electromagnet. Over a $100,000 in prizes were contained within a 20 metre prize box in 14 custom-built prize cages. Winners were elevated 8 metres into the air in a scissor lift, where using controls identical to what you¹d find on a regular skill tester, they controlled the movement of the crane and triggered the decent of the magnet. 100,016 people who attended the Grand Final saw the spectacle of a 1.5 ton Toyota Hilux being lifted twenty-eight metres into the air. Not to mention the 3.4 million who saw it on live television.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, Australia for Carlton, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne. Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Art Director: Luke Thompson
Copywriter: Seymour Pope
Executive Producer: Sonia Von Bibra
Producer: Jason Byrne
Account Director: Michael McKeon
Account Manager: Phoebe Farquharson
Experiential Agency: Traffik
Experiential Account Director: Nick Harvey
Photographer: Alex Aslangul
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jackmancer2017's picture

Nice idea, would have been nice if they'd could link it back to beer, instead of just sticking their logo on it.

Guest's picture

only superdrunk people could play.

Guest's picture

Magnodrunk, actually.

This was set up next to the stadium where the Australian AFL Grand Final was played. :)

Guest's picture

You seriously need to stop with your negative comments regarding the work on this site. It's brutally obvious from your website that you need to spend a great deal of time sorting it out. The concepts, art direction, design and copy are all very poor and don't reach the standard of any piece of the work on this site.

Guest's picture

i was reading all yours comments dont like anything...
you just says bad thing about all the ads you see.
i saw your works and i can say for sure...very, very ungly stuff, and very bad ideas.
Before says bad things about other work learn how to to good ads, please.

a friend you know

Guest's picture

it would be nice if you would work a bit more on your portfolio instead of playing the ad critic on here. because work is needed.

byzade's picture

i agree

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Guest's picture

this is great

vanMeter's picture

Great idea, agree with Jaap

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AnonymousDave's picture

Jack Mancer's real name is Jaap Grolleman. What else don't we know about you Jaap/Jack? Are you a Supervillain?

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jackmancer2017's picture

Let's keep this advertisement the subject shall we ;-)

AnonymousDave's picture

Of course we shall. So, is your Supervillain name Magnatron?

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Guest's picture

Second prize from the right, stack of kegs of their beer.

JeffGreenhouse's picture

Great way to get attention at a big event. And who isn't going to stand around for a bit to see if someone can actually land one of the prizes. I guess once you snagged one with the magnet it wasn't going to fall back in (like they do in the regular size machines), otherwise that Toyota would be toast.

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Guest's picture

Good event !

Labo Tomtom & Nana

How Arnold built his beautiful image?
Comment Arnold s'est construit sa belle image?

Roger Keynes's picture

Shame they didn't have this idea in conjunction with Carlton's epic 'Big Ad' a few years ago.

Roger Keynes
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velle's picture

a toyota hilux! i wish i was there!
*cant wait to replicate a similar game here

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agatur's picture

great picture

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