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Anyone knows the divorce lawyer business card who won gold pencil in One Show Awards?

Pacific Blue
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/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

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The one you referred to is for a divorce lawyer. This one is for a post-marriage counsellor. Although the basic thought is similar, but one is about seperation and the other is about patching thing back. So they are not totally the same. Great jobs on both projects.

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Wow, thanks for explaining. I could not have figured that out myself.

I'm pretty sure they got "inspired" first, then found the client.

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That's awesome!

Have Heart
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simple and nice. could image someone over doing it by making the card shaped like a heart.

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IMHo this one is better. if its a heart shaped card, expected isn't it?

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end of joy, enjoy

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Done da done done done.....
But seriously, sometimes you will see ads that have been done, but not easy to reference and perhaps not remembered quickly. This has been done recently, in the One Show and everybody knows it.

Surly creative ...
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I think is nice, sometimes creativity also has to do with taken an already existing ad to the next

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no, it's not.

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Agree with racqcurious

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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read book understand communication

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albinic areola

i had share da tots of mayhem n ludicrous

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albinic areola

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I agree,but somthing there is some problem..

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