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March 2010


One cashier, one hidden cam, one printer. That´s all Burger King needed to prove that Whoppers are made to order. Exactly your way. When a person ordered a sandwhich, a picture was taken, without anyone noticing. The client got your freshly made Whopper with your face on it. Burger King has proved that each sandwich is unique, made to order, especially for each customer.

Ambient advertisement created by Ogilvy, Brazil for Burger King, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Chief Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Executive Creative Director: Michel Lent
Creative Director: Angela Bassichetti
Copywriter: Eduardo Marques
Art Director: Douglas Kozonoe
Head of Art: Denis Kakazu
Motion Design: Rubens Angelo
Account: Carolina Vieira | Virgínia Mendes|Carolina Vieira | Virgínia Mendes
Approved by: Rafael Romero
Production: Bossa Nova Films
Director: Giuliano Saade
Audio: Bamba Music
Voice Over: Zachary Lee
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Patata Casada's picture

Very good idea, but must be very expensive...

Patata Casada
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Cursando 2º de la Licenciatura de Publicidad y RR.PP.
Huub's picture

I would still be pissed if it would take longer then 4 minutes to get my order.

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Art Director at Willem De Kooning Academie
alexander_bickov's picture

Totally cool

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Molecule's picture

wicked! but yeah, as long as it doesn't take much longer to get your order.

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indrek's picture

I had a same idea for a print agency

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lent's picture

no extra time was needed. just the same time to get the burger ready to match the order.

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Ogilvy Brasil
R U serious's picture


It's funny how they don't talk about numbers on the video. I would be surprised if the whole thing impacted more than 20 people... besides what's the point? You know it was freshly made if it comes just like you ordered. Period.

The name, the video...This is just a huge CP+B copycat-wannabe.

R U serious
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Say my name, say my name...

lucaszaiden's picture

Right... so, every out-of-home using whoppers from now on, is a CPB wannabe?

We can`t use spontaneous media anymore, `cause its “Best Job in the World“`s wannabe eighter?

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gmint7's picture


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R U serious's picture

Sorry lucas... no need to get all pissy. I'm not sure what "out-of-home" means but... yeah... pretty much whatever comes after Whopper Virgins, Whopper Freakout, Wopper Sacrifice and uses the same kind of presentation WILL BE considered a CP+B copycat/wannabe... Again, the most important part they (or you) forgot to copy: the efficiency.

About spontaneous media... is much older than you think... wasn't invented by "The Best Job in the World" .... go ask Baby Jesus.

R U serious
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Say my name, say my name...

supertav08's picture

Out-of-home is the same of outdoor advertising
other new marketing-nonsense-term for the same

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Shadow Ops's picture

Wow...you must be a very literal person. How many people did it impact? It's not a DM piece jealous man.

Shadow Ops
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Copywriter |

Let's keep advertising fun

visualsurgeon's picture

i have had the same thought,once. Now,it's nice to have a very personalized burger.

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Art Director
maranca82's picture

This strikes me as slightly creepy.

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Adaddicted's picture

They made it possible, so who cares its expensive!

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Art Director |


mikevitoria's picture

Numbers? Who cares about numbers here? It´s all about the brand, awareness.
Whopper Freakout does not have numbers and its a success.

Congratulations! Very well done.

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so_um_yea's picture

awesome effort. and crispin porter (yawn)ski.

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Shadow Ops's picture

Sweet. This makes me loves advertising and our industry.I bet the guys that did this had a great time seeing this fantastic idea come to life.And its the small things that make customers love a brand. It's the sweet spot idea...where nobody, client/account can complain that this is not on strategy and an great creative idea.

Shadow Ops
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Copywriter |

Let's keep advertising fun

Prime83's picture

cool idea

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Creative Director at Huella Publicidad
sloppy4's picture

seems to me you're trying to convince those already convinced.

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lucdesaulniers's picture

To how many people will the guy (or the girl) with his picture of the wrapper tell the story to? How many of those by sheer curiosity, will go to Burger King to have their "Me-too" experience? That's what I call extended reach... Very nice concept.

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atb2005's picture

This is called brand engagement. Those of you who are being a little too critical of this initiative need to lighten up. I love it! It's a bit silly, but fun and refreshing nonetheless.

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ladisa's picture

This is real good stuff. The most important thing is how it hit the consumers. They were really wowed and that's what matters most.

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Creative Director |

"Every ad is an opportunity."

aaaron's picture

SMART!!! cool work...

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Art Director
tcook23's picture

Pretty good, not great. Worth the 3mins I took to watch it. Traditionally B-King is better than this.

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toddcook23@gmail.com | Aprilaire Marketing Manager | Twitter

Amy Edward's picture

Good idea!

Amy Edward
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Draper's picture


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Guest's picture

Finally, something worth a Cannes award. I guess the judges aren't complete morons.

velle's picture

they should just put all their adspend on this for a whole month, all over the world, and check out the results.............. just saying. this is the best brand engagement ive seen bk do in a long long time

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