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This commercial was a hit in my opinion. The chicken fry following is one that I have noticed within my past trips to Burger King, hearing countless friends complain about them being taken off the menu. For consumers who love this product I am sure that many of them have a lot of built up suspense for this event to see if it comes back or not. They did a good job of letting the chicken choose and having it be completely random to build up the hype of the event. This would be an interesting event that I would probably tune into if it were to be televised. The only thing I would change is to have Burger King go more into depth by saying if they are going to go state by state or just have one decision as a whole. Overall I think this will be a very successful ad.

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It is a gimmick idea where certain cities across the USA are going to get the chance for an ULTRA limited time period are going to be able to order chicken fries on the menu.

Nice idea, but not that special.

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I think that this ad is not representing the main focus of the company. In my opinion, this commercial is kind of boring and doesn’t show the reality because it is impossible to believe that a chicken can take an important decision on a menu of a company. It will create confusion in kids that also are consumers. They won’t know what really happens in a business decision. I don’t think this is the best way to approach to a solution. The music doesn’t call my attention and it was kind of hard to understand what was; exactly, the message of it. It would have been better to include real interviews to its consumers. I consider that this ad had a focus on trying to make people laugh instead of transmitting the real goal of the company. Also the voice of the person talking in the background sounds kind of weird and unattractive to the scenes.

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this campaign is lame.

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