Comb crossing

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December 2008
Bubbles:  Comb crossing
Bubbles Ambient Ad -  Comb crossing


Ambient advertisement created by Orchard, India for Bubbles, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Orchard Advertising, Chennai, India
Creative Director: Thomas Xavier
Art Director: Sagar Prajapati
Copywriter: PC Muralidharan
Account Head: Harish Krishnamurthy
Account Manager: Deepan Ramachandran
Project Supervision: KN Balakrishnan
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No even a cook or a granny knows a lot...this Pseudo-intellect is a jelous pest!!

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Wow that's some really, really, really, really good photoshopping.


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright

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I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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Wow. A cross walk. Pretty impressive. Why not just put a stop sign with hair on it in front of the store?

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First its land of china now india. land of fakes

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Hey what is this about "fakes" "India" "China" etc...First of all this is a nice idea.
Secondly, shit work happens everywhere in the world (Incidentally, some of it is on the very first page)
Thirdly, i wont be surprised if you are an Indian yourself!

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not that good of photoshop. if you look at different pictures you can see that crosswalk lands in different spots in relation to surroundings.

stupid anyway though. waste of whatever time spent on it.

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Nobody's paying any attention to the media. Doesn't say much for results, does it?

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I think; therefore I am

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why not? it's cute

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India is definitely giving payola to Ads of The World.
I can't believe all the horrible work from India that's gotten on this site recently.
And yes, the photoshopping is beyond horrible.
So many FAKE give-aways. Does Ads of the World have a student section?
Send your work there.

Oh and forgot to critique the idea. Oh silly me. I could not find one.

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hey mr. guest commenter.......u know, u r the one horrible persone on this site & on earth too, dont blame my country, we are here for not representing country, we r all her for learning, thats all about!

so...pls, be like guest.....don't do like shiitt..ok!

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Flooded with art

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careful viky ... mr guest commentator may be a jury at some international ad awards... he might never give any ad with the name viky on it an award ever... he's a teacher in some ad school who's not getting enough students maybe so he asked for that student section thing!!! Also he has something agains India becos you cant hate an entire country becos u dont like a piece of work there... i mean what kind of stupid ohh sorry "silly" person does that now!!!!!!!!!!!


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Silly you oooww! dont be so harsh on yourself! poor thing couldn't find an idea... are u in advertising? actually never mind! You're just another fucking guest commentor like me!!!!

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That's pretty harsh. But I can't really blame you guest commenter.
The photoshopping is really bad. Seeing a bad ad is one thing.
But seeing an obvious fake ad posing as a real one is just a waste of the world's time.

I've already wasted too much time writing.

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With due respect to the International Community. The advertising that sometimes comes from abroad is quite deplorable and in saying that i include strategy, photoshop and copy skills. Yes Indians were a little behind as compared to some of the world powers but we've had our share of Grand Prix, One Show and "effective" advertising, to say the least.

Our consumers are different and you have little or no clue about their likes. We dont have the luxury of communicating in English and reaching our entire population at a go. But we still manage. And How!

It seems that inspite of our limitations we're catching up and catching up real fast, perhaps thats what gets your goat. Of course, mistakes happen and every critic only helps us get better! So thank u for pointing out our defects and remember we respect your work a lot more than you do ours.

Ps: if you think that fake and scam happens only in India, then i'm afraid you might be a cook or a granny perhaps... with little knowlege of what's happenning in the very next room!


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No even a cook or a granny knows a lot...this Pseudo-intellect is a jelous pest!!

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y crossing????

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Great aerial view but would anyone intuitively notice the comb while walking on it despite seeing the salon name Bubbles? Someone might get beeped at while looking down in the middle of the street. Interesting idea AND dangerous!

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