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Huh? Okay, kinda lost here. What's the story behind this ambient?

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I don´t understand....what´s the idea?

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is this a print or an actual box that shoes come in?
the idea is small pleasures, guilty plesures that women have, using a credit card that's not theirs, keeping stuff in shoe boxes...if it's a box i like it, if it's a print ...half an idea...

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"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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maybe as packaging, but ambient just sounds like trash on the street.

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nobody had the idea to browse the website?
please guys, quit commenting without thinking.

the work is nice!

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in advertising SCRIPTA VOLANT

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Sorry, does anyone *see* a link to their website?

Yeah, it's *nice*. But it's not scoring any real points.

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what does that tell you about people who come across one of these boxes? they probably won't whip out their iphones and pull up a flash heavy site either. plus, if that's the call to action it's not strong enough. every brand these days does, or should, have www before and .com (or .something) after their name. url's are just the new kids in the clutter.

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They have a website on the box. On the other hand, I agree. Nobody's going to look in the website to find out what the hell this is about and if this is the point, it ain't working.
The site, as long as we're on it, is terrible. Bad way to show the product.

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As long as I was on it, the website was more than just terrible. It was awful.

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If a just packaging it's beautful !


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Yea, we can see the visual differentiation of the brand at the packaging. good one! =) The only question is: does it only target on woman market?

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Quoting the Onion..."everything I don't understand is stupid."

The three boxes are all things women have been doing for ages now with shoe boxes - we keep shoe boxes we really love and use them as storage and do all sorts of things with them.

Shoe boxes for keeping letters - check
Using your boyfriend's card - check
Buying shoes to make yourself feel better - check

The boxes are giving us an a-okay for continuing doing these things without needing an excuse. We make those up usually.

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dumbhead...the site is equally stpd..it dsnt wrk!!!!!!!

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it's a shoebox. And it looks great! What the ( ) makes you think of ambient, you creative genius???

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