Thick yoghurt

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March 2009
Britannia:  Thick yoghurt


Ambient advertisement created by Grey, India for Britannia, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Delhi, India
Creative Director: Shalini Dam
Copywriter: Arko Provo Bose
Art Directors: Sanover Srivastav
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Any results?

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Copywriter |

I think; therefore I am

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Scam ideas at their best. I wish the creative director had gone thru the award books before giving approvals on these executions. The ideas (all 3) lack imaginative thinking. They are trite and kidish.

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Done, done, done.
McDonalds milkshake billboard.

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Second that. And if McDonald's beats you to the punch, that's saying something.

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good... nice. would have been better in Print Ad. Chhers

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Would have thought of a yogurt carpet lake, clearly suspension's solution is better...

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Who wants yogurt that thick, then again, who wants to see this crap.

:: Choose your words wisely or I'll stab you with a point of view ::

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:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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blunt copy Heinz tomato ketchup

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DQ Blizzard and McDonalds had different executions, same idea.

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An interesting idea. I wonder how it was taken in the marketplace...

Personally I wouldn't want yogurt that can "stand up," but I get the idea.


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Topolewski |


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I wonder how many people walked into the damn things?

Blair Semenoff
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Screw the world Arko. A lot of famous artists were criticised in their times like Van Gogh...but after their death...

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it's an idea that works if the product is still inside and really stays in. Not having the product there is admitting that it's fake and that the yoghurt isn't that thick at all. It would be shattered all over the floor.

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