Rough car park ticket

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December 2007
Blistex:  Rough car park ticket
Blistex Ambient Ad -  Rough car park ticket


Ambient advertisement created by Cayenne, Germany for Blistex, within the category: Health.


Rough lips? Blistex helps.

Advertising Agency: cayenne, Germany
Creative Directors: Marco Obermann, Andreas Ruthmann
Art Director: Roman Lukowski
Copywriter: Sönke Brehm
Production: Frank Schulze
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alvinpck's picture

Good point.
It might come in handy. ;)


Activity Score 1463
Art Director
nice gaijin's picture

Was there an actual study of the demographic that showed that such a majority of people put these tickets in their mouth, leading to this concept? Or did someone come up with this idea and write the brief to justify it.

nice gaijin
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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

This goes to prove my theory that Germans do have oral fixations. (They also love David Hasselhoff.)

Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679
TJAY's picture

Well if they asked me I'd have said I did it, so I like it!

Activity Score 64
alvinpck's picture

Good insight. I put mine in the mouth.


Activity Score 1463
Art Director
dee.eph's picture

So do I.

However, if it felt like sandpaper I probably wouldn't.

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alvinpck's picture

Good point.
It might come in handy. ;)


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Art Director
A.G. Pennypacker's picture

Stupid. A stranger hands you something, you stick it straight in your mouth. You don't know if it's been on the ground or up his arse. That's disgusting. I've never done this, never would, and have never heard of or seen anyone ever do it before. Doesn't sound like much of an insight to me.

A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607
I'm a full-time somebody at a world-wide agency and a wealthy American industrialist looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru.
juliangray's picture

its a machine the one that hands it to you...

Activity Score 987
Art Director
ramosraf's picture

and don t you put a big mac in your mouth? Do you think it´s clean?

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Graphic Designer
RM's picture

Yeah agree I just put it on the seat next to me...
The people who put it in their mouth must be thumb suckers!

Activity Score 419
Garg0yle's picture

But it is a fact that a lot of people do stick it in the mouth, whether you have noticed it or not. And for those people, it works. And for the rest, its just another ad on the ticket. Well... not so bad.

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IBD, Mumbai |


tugi's picture

something fishy going on here. the release date of the ad is december 2008.
we 7 months to go!
just another award chaser.

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wing2aska's picture

it's 2007

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