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This should win smthg. Very effective.

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"Assume nothing, question everything."

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The only thing it should win is criticism. This is super-forced. I drink beer and I have held a mug like this maybe once, no sorry, twice.

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Is your hand that big? :)

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"Assume nothing, question everything."

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It may be the wine I had but this made me laugh. man I am a bastard

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its nice but you gotta hold it the way its shown to be more effective. it does work with other ways i guess.

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layered communication to my mind..Idea is gud but someone lost it somewhere..a potential winner..

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look who's watching!

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nice idea...

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I like it. And as a passionate beer drinker I always hold my mug like this.

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I'm a passionate drinker too - had been singing in the streets, barfing over the bar counter, throwing money of the roof - but I never hit a person in the face...
This ad utilizes an great conception idea with wrong premises. It makes me feel gulity for something I would never do. Yes I am Czech and I know few shitbags beating their women... and I know they would have fun with this mugs, booze and repetitive stupid jokes about giving her some prehistoric time back home. I am almost sure it works the other way... you connect something you like (beer) with a perception of your fist in someone's face... simply, great idea went wrong

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Like it very much, i hold the mug same way so it works for me.

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Too forced!

Mumbai cha porga
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The line goes with this mug is 'Please Don't Eat/Drink my brain'.

Mumbai cha porga
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Do Czechs read English?

I'd be curious about something else: how was this executed? As a decal? An imprinted glass mug? It looks like the former, but wouldnt that cause some issues about cleaning the glasses between uses?

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Sorry but I just found this really funny. I wanted to laugh out loud when I saw that visual.

I agree that it is too forced. In a way I think it almost encourages wife-beating because it is illustrating it right in front of you as you drink, and the lady is smiling too, which doesn't help. And most people who are drunk and see this mug will probably get a chuckle out of it rather than take it seriously.

No doubt it will still win numerous awards and all that shit because award shows jizz over this type of stuff.

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Drinking beer doesn't make me want to punch anybody.

Being nagged by a stock photo while I'm trying to enjoy a beer - now that makes me want to punch someone.

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Thanks for painting a very stereotypical image of men in that country.
Now they'll forever be known as spouse beaters.
I wonder if those who don't participate in the popular national pastime may take offense being labeled as such when going into a pub...
It's an innovative use of the "media" creatively speaking, but I have to agree almost entirely with above comment by bydand.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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The copy is INCREDIBLY weak. And it feels like a total one-off.

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how about girls fight huh

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