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October 2010
BC Hydro:  Smart Condo Crates
BC Hydro Ambient Ad -  Smart Condo Crates


To launch Power Smart Month BC Hydro, the energy provider for British Columbia, Canada, engaged smak to develop and execute a campaign idea that would increase talkability around the campaign which looks to promote energy efficiency in the home and workplace. smak proposed an idea where the public could peek into two homes and spot the difference between living energy-efficiently and living wastefully. smak took two shipping containers and converted them into bright BC Hydro-branded liveable condos. The spaces were furnished with a living room and kitchen area including a refrigerator, computer and television. The condos were placed in a high-traffic location in downtown Vancouver and during the course of four days, residents and commuters observed two actors living inside. The condos were connected to digital counters which allowed people to watch the energy consumption differences between the two lifestyles. The condos were part of an integrated media execution and provided a colourful and impactful vehicle to generate discussions around BC Hydro’s Power Smart Month.

Ambient advertisement created by Smak, Canada for BC Hydro, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: smak, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Claire Lamont
Additional credits: Leanne Atienza
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buzz-causing. nice.

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This is expensive but fun.

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nice one

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very cool!

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innovative... and attention seeking. Cool

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