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August 2007
 Bay Boom
 Bay Boom


The Bay celebrates Fashion Freedom

The Bay challenges women to embrace fashion freedom for latest campaign called “Boom!”

BOOM! Is the latest campaign the Bay is launching to celebrate the fall season. The campaign which launched today with “fashion freedom protests” outside key Bay retail locations, is one inspired by the baby boom generation. Boomers are brand- savvy and discriminating, preferring the best in fashion, décor and electronics – all of which the Bay offers.

It’s all about reconnecting with a core target audience. Boom! nods to her ‘60’s and ‘70’s history of rebellion and protest, but this time, it’s about freedom of expression, and basically, wearing what feels good now. It’s about feeling good in your own skin and wearing clothing that makes you feel and look fabulous.”

Advertising Agency: john st, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker
Copywriter: Jennifer Rossini
Art Director: Elizabeth Whalen
Agency Producer: Shawna McPeek
Group Account Director: Lauren Mitchell
Account Manager: Mary Lou Ricci
Design Agency: AmoebaCorp
Creative Director: Mike Kelar & Mikey Richardson
Designers: Lora LeClair, Mike Kelar & Mikey Richardson
Account Director: Andrea Sheppard
Production Company: Radke Film Group
Executive Producer: Scott Mackenzie
Director: Adriano Falconi
Line Producer: Merrie Wasson
DOP: Adam Marsden
Editing Company: Panic & Bob
Editor: Michelle Czukar
Online: Crush Inc
Music: Vapor Music
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So many people to make such a small point....

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So many people to make such a small point....

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Mecajet's picture

yuck. Aren't women empowered enough already? Will this all stop if Hillary is elected?

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They're advertising to an audience who grew up during a time when social protest was taken very seriously and very wide spread. I think they'll see this as patronizing and cheap. I would call this a bad strategy.

Whatsmore, The Bay is a premium retailer, very white collar for the most part. They shouldn't be cheapening a predominantly blue collar activity like striking.

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ivan's picture

It's certainly a step up from the average promotions in retail outlets.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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There's a fine line between an ambient idea and a gimmick. This one is the latter.

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