Anti-Rival Vaccine

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June 2016


What is the very thing a Brazilian sports father fear the most? Seeing a son support the rival team. With that insight, Bandsports created the Anti-Rival Vaccine: an idea that used rivalry to support the children immunization campaign against H1N1. During an outbreak of the virus in São Paulo, we set up a special clinic for football enthusiasts. In there, consultation rooms were fully decorated with the colors of the four major São Paulo soccer teams. Doctors and nurses had jersey-like uniforms and even the syringes were customized. Fathers just had to choose a rival team and their sons H1N1 immunization took place at that team's room. The vaccines were the regular approved ones, only the environment changed. All to make children associate the pain of that experience with the rival, protecting them from the disease and from the wrong team. With Bandsports Anti-Rival Vaccine, sports fathers had two reasons to rest easy: no H1N1 and none of that rival nonsense.

Ambient advertisement created by Ogilvy, Brazil for BandSports, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
CEO: Fernando Musa
General Manager: Luis Carlos Franco
Chief Creative Officer: Claudio Lima
Executive Creative Director: Felix del Valle
Copywriters: Felipe Machado, Bruno Brux, Frederico Teixeira
Art Directors: Ale Koston, Lincoln Lopes, Alexandre Fernandes, Pedro Velasquez
Head of Broadcast Production: Rafael Rosi
RTV: Paty Silveira
Editor: Lucas Pires, Nathalia Kamura
Account Executives: Juliana Fernandes
Media: Flavio de Pauw, Isabela Alberto
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Caio Rubini
Executive Producers: Rodrigo Castello, Renata Corrêa
Director of photography: Felipe Meneghel
Photographer: Cláudio Lacerda
Production Sound: Jamute
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I love it

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lol... i like it a lot.

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I love it

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