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Watch the video too.

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people are looking at the horrifying sight of a walking creature with balloons strapped up...they are not looking at the legs!!

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true, true. This is too weird. They should just have a woman walking around in her knickers, whats with the balloons?!!

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There is a fashion duo from the best country in the world :P Holland. Viktor and Rolf. They woke up the entire fashion world when they introduced an upside-down dress at a high-end fashion show. The dress' necht was at the feet of the model and the leg part was over her head. It was such an enormous succes they even opend an upside-down boutique in Milan. The entire shop is upside-down.


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...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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It's weird, but it's also really original and on strat. Peope may be turning their heads to stare in shock, but they'll see the message on the balloons and make the connection. This breaks through the ad clutter - it does its job, and then some.

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I disagree, I don't think people are looking at the balloons. It's hard enough to read the message from the still shots let alone when she is walking around.

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actually...it looks ugly!

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if's too pretty why the fuck she's hidden. there are contradictions everywhere in this idea. you also concentrate your atention in the ballons not in the legs.

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I think they should show the ugly face of the wearer, so that it helps dramatized the pretty side of thing. LOL.

The slogan can then be 'At least you can still be pretty'

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Nice thought. However, I believe the final execution of it was a bit off the mark and even creepy. At least people noticed.

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