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good work..although th idea hs been done b4, th fact that its 4 a cause makes it special... (bt then, even 'reach out to children with autism' ws 4 a cause..) aarrrgghh..im confused!!

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No se por que cro que este conceptoo lo he visto en algun lado.


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Very nice ! ONe of the best advertising bag I've seen.
Good job

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http://lalbumnpo.wordpress.com the very best of non profit campaigns

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love this!

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* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Ya lo de la bolsa se ha convertido en un medio. Aun asi, esta bien!

Boas ideas
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Achei legal.

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Muy buen trabajo

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this is tooooooo much, first was the bag with the gun , now this and in art directors club there was also a bag with some simular thing on it... the best one that I saw was from tbwa istanbul for sport shop where they also used the rope

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Do they mean "volunteers" to work at a Red Cross facility? Or "donors" to give blood? Not crystal clear.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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Liked the execution. Simple and impactful. Hey here's suggestion, how about we all try to start our critiques with a positive before going negative - it is after all the accepted convention when giving feedback. You know, "No rejection without direction".

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Carrying a bag of your own blood? Creepy, and it doesn't give me a reason to give.

And as for starting out with what's positive, this isn't an ad school. You put your work up, you should expect to get critiqued, good or bad.

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very nive ,i LIKE IT

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Sorry, i had the unfortuante been his ex-collegue years ago... Please stop taking others people idea and pass it as yours. Please exercise your real creativity in the right way if not they just rot away!

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Not too good retouching when they plonk in the design into the In-situation pix on the right side. Check out the height of URL on the right pix compared to the left pix. They're of different layout and the whole idea could have been 'crafted' for the sake of these posting?

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Ese recurso ya lo he visto antes....

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Looks like one of those bags carried around by Tour de France athletes, doesn't it?

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Erm...what do you buy from the Red Cross in order to get this bag anyway? Do they have a store?

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Good one, but after the kids jumping rope bag, the mystery and suspense library bag, the dumbbell bag and the other bag... it just fall lost into the others. But it was a good idea.

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not sure i get this one.

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Im tired of this kind of ideas. Enough!

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Agh. This just doesn't work.

It needs to look like the blood's coming from the carrier's vein - like you're donating blood at the same time you're carrying the bag. But it doesn't, does it? It just looks like you're carrying a blood bag.

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Love the Red Cross bags. Want to check out the pricing of them as give aways to blood donors. Can't locate the link to take me to the purchasing of same. Blood drive planners would love to hook up with your purchasing link and be able to get this bag "moving".

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