Non-Toxic Beauty

January 2020
Avon: Non-Toxic Beauty
Avon: Non-Toxic Beauty
Avon Ambient Ad - Non-Toxic Beauty
Avon Ambient Ad - Non-Toxic Beauty


1 in 5 women experience severe violence by and intimate partner in their lifetime, and around 80% of those incidents go unreported. That’s why we press messages into Avon coverup compacts to empower abused women to create change in their life and remind them that hiding their scars isn’t their only option. Every November, our beauty brand will press their compact powders with this message in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month. We also create a protected website for them to seek help, which means that their partners will not have an access without a promo code, which will be brushed away as soon as women will start using the product.

Ambient advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Avon, within the category: Beauty.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Art Director: Tekle Mamaladze
Copywriter: Gabrielle Elliot
Digital Designer: Alex Fleming
Developer: Brad Stapleton
Social Media Analyst: Daniel Riggi
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