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June 2010


Ambient advertisement created by Awesome Pomegranate, Denmark for Auditiva, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Awesome pomegranate, Copenhagen, Denmark
Art Directors / Copywriters: Nicolas Rafn, Kenneth Kaadtmann
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Er... and who do you think get's what's this about? where's the brand? and what now?
the people in the park didn't seem to get it either

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Very fresh and very unusual for that sort of client

shahrukh love
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Art Director
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As a hit-and-run campaign to raise awareness of your agency, neat job. As a piece of spec work for Auditiva, meh - no logo on any of the subtitles (also not in the Danish version of your website). And having worked with the audiologists at GN Resound in your fair city, I can confidently say that you're absolutely alienating your target audience in the way you're treating them with this approach: people who are profoundly deaf know absolutely that they need mechanical assistance to assist their hearing. For the vast percentile of hearing impaired - those who 'don't even know' - they'll turn up the TV, and ignore for years the gradual degradation of their hearing. Throwing shouty subtitles at them is insulting. But as your 'client' is a private hearing clinic, I guess that's one approach.

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FYI, this is not spec work

There were logo's in the park, just not on the subtitles and apparantely not on this presentation. There were also people from the danish hearing association walking around in the park, handing out flyers, during the event. I guess they missed the video as well. they are very shy people

Thanks for your comment though :-)

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Art Director
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Can't be that shy if they were handing out flyers (winky emoticon thing), but thank you for your reply. I still think it's a neat idea, and on reflection, the birds' noise & children playing are precisely that frequency range that first drops off in age-related hearing loss. You should extend it to stickers and run it citywide, but target the family, they're the influencers in this TA. They're the ones who notice the volume of the TV going up.

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All we can judge is what you show us in the presentation. So, without it, this fails.

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Melaleuca In-House
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Pretty cool solution

Del Davis
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And that's not alienating them??

This is just BAD.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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