Action Team

February 2012


During the great white snow of 2012, many drivers in Bulgaria had difficulties with their cars. Most of them were stuck. In these conditions only the quattro® system by Audi can make it easily through the thick snow. Fortunately, the Audi quattro® Action Team was there to help the unlucky drivers by getting them out of the snow.

Ambient advertisement created by Noble Graphics Creative Studio, Bulgaria for Audi, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Noble Graphics, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Chavdar Kenarov
Copywriter: Georgi Tsekov
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Lawson Hembree's picture

Great job by Audi incorporating kindness with marketing. Only thing they could have done better was drive from car to car in an Audi w/ Quattro to showcase the technology. Maybe even give people a ride in the Audi.

Lawson Hembree
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khronos's picture

YES !! i completely agree with what u say, driving around helping in a quattro would have just MADE this campaign

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Akshaya Singh's picture

Agree with Lawson on this ... Currently it's a feel good factor campaign wherein the guys, representing the company, were earning the goodwill for the company by being nice... But the product benefit is nowhere... If these guys could've driven out in an Audi, and helped out people in need, the product benefit could've been shown better.. Nice work Audi,nonetheless.

Akshaya Singh
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Amateur for life!

kleenex's picture

the ad works for me.

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