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March 2009
Aquariomania:  Bring life anywhere
Aquariomania Ambient Ad -  Bring life anywhere


Ambient advertisement created by Bolero, Brazil for Aquariomania, within the category: Other.

Advertising Agency: Bolero Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: André Mota
Art Directors: Lucas Costas, Jorge Kubrusly
Copywriter: Thiago Cruz
Producer: Rafael Cruz
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jszczepaniak's picture

Fantastic Idea. I just hope the fish were properly cared for (not even cause i care so much about fish) because it might look bad if there were dead fish all over the tank eventually.

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StarlaY's picture

Cool idea... and a true eye-candy for the people who wait for the bus.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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Copywriter |

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

Guest's picture

i love it. nice live idea. all time it's fresh.

Senhora Kolossa's picture

photoshop disaster. cmon guys. you know, its fake.

Senhora Kolossa
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Jung von Matt
Jorge Kubrusly's picture
Jorge Kubrusly
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Art Director at art director |

Stevil's picture

So, if it IS real, how did they properly Mount a 500-600 pound aquarium on 3 posts? And how did they get access to the fish? Not to mention that the temperature difference from day to night would be to much for the fish in a glass aquarium. And they would have to scrub algae everyday that would flourish in the Brazillian sun! If it's real, It is a great execution of a great idea!

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Graphic Designer at Bluffton, IN
Jorge Kubrusly's picture
Jorge Kubrusly
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Art Director at art director |

Stevil's picture

Wow! Nice work!

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Graphic Designer at Bluffton, IN
Bruno Nastri's picture

Great Idea

Bruno Nastri
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sidulescu's picture

how long will it take for a drunk dude to say: " what i'm gonna do...HEY, you know what i'm gonna do? i'm gonna...i'm gonna...take a know what i'm gonna do?...i'm gonna smash that aquariomania thingy...YEAH!!!!"

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sold's picture

fantastic work, well done.

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Guest's picture

and you registerer just to post that....
oh, my, get a girlfriend..

and please, that work you posted is not ADVERTISING!!!
is an art work as millions we advertisers use to inspire...

vik muniz
da vinci

how many art work we used in our work?
this is reference, my jelous coleg (esta obvio que es argentino)

feel's picture

Bolivia 6 x 1 Argentina


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theanc's picture

It's not that creative but the concept is totally true.


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jsantanaxp's picture



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Guest's picture

not creative, it's a student work?

Guest's picture

It's "Fish" not "Fishes"

hey_nomto's picture

I think it's no thinking behind.

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Art Director at Academy Of Art
Guest's picture

A one shot idea...not very relevant.

Blair Semenoff's picture

I think it's pretty cool, but agree it should say "fish" not "fishes"

Blair Semenoff
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sirvan's picture

Pleasant idea and execution... but that tag is terrible!

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mariobross2's picture

the movie shows everything.. anyway I guess it's only for hot countries available.. ;( alas don't live in one..

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