Acuvue Lottery

March 2020


Three interesting points of the campaign! “Small but Big” When we think about plastic wastes, we usually think of items such as plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic bags, etc. However, contact lenses are causing serious ocean pollution, even though they are smaller than other plastic waste. Moreover, in our daily lives, people were habitually throwing their contact lenses down the drain while using the bathroom. Therefore, we focused on recognizing people that this trivial habit can also pollute the ocean. “Nudge Idea” We didn’t just say “don’t use contact lenses!” or “you must throw away used lenses into the trash can!” Instead, we tried to induce people to throw used lenses into the trash can naturally. Therefore, we utilized the lens box (used for containing contact lenses) which people usually throw into the trash can. “Lottery X contact lens brand” To promote people’s participation in the campaign, we used the lottery’s procedure to award people prize money which will be used for environmental contribution under their names. Because people helped to protect nature, after participating campaign they can feel proud of themselves.

Ambient advertisement created by Hongik University, South Korea for Acuvue, within the categories: Beauty, Health, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Hongik Univ. / Dongyang Mirae univ., Seoul, Korea
Creative Director: Youngwoo Kim
Art Director: Gisol Yoon
Copy Writer: Jungyu Seo
Film Director: Gaeun Kim
Motiongraphic Designer: Haesoo Shim
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