Welcome to the new Ads of the World

Ads of the World was built 17 years ago and has since grown to become the largest creative advertising community on the internet. The site now has more than one million social followers and features work from more that 4,000 brands and 14,000 agencies. With so much going into the site each day, we decided it was time to give AOTW a major upgrade.

Thanks to valuable feedback from our community, we’ve overhauled the site and are ready to begin rolling out updates that will enrich the Ads of the World user experience.

We’re introducing the following improvements:

Enhanced Performance and Accessibility

  • A faster, more responsive destination
  • Shorter turnaround time from submission to publication
  • Easy access to edit your own entries after they’ve been published
  • Option to block NSFW content

A More Comprehensive Archive of Work

  • We’ll continue to curate the site’s homepage with content selected by Ads of the World moderators, but moving forward we’ll be accepting all submissions that meet our terms of service so that you have the freedom to decide what inspires you

A “Watchlist” For Organizing Bespoke Content

  • This personalized landing page will feature work that you can select to “watch” from anywhere on the site
  • Through the new advanced search function, you’ll be able to select and follow work from categories, like: Industries, Brands, Agencies, Regions and Collections
  • You’ll be able to privately “bookmark” work for later reference

New User Profiles

  • This page will contain information that you’d like other users to know about yourself and will display the work you’ve submitted to the site

This is only the beginning, there are more new features coming soon! As we continue to improve the site, we want to hear from you about additional upgrades you’d like to see. Feel free to send your suggestions.

We hope you enjoy the new Ads of the World. Thanks for being a part of our community.